Nice visuals.  A lot of guns.  Vuhlandes is a photographer from the hood in Detroit MI:

Definitely a lot of considerations when doing photography in the hood, as he mentions near the start of the documentary.  Surprisingly “firearm safety” isn’t mentioned among the concerns.  The trigger discipline in this video is actually among the best I’ve seen (for the most part)… also surprising.  LOL a lot of protective covers on all the AK and Draco charging handles.

6:25 – Holy that L. Georges 😬.  Looks clean inside there but wow that’s a lot of protective (bulletproof?) glass.

18:05 – LOL they discuss “boomerangs” (the animated gifs which loop back and forth), and then the pronunciation of gif.  Classic stuff.  I’m “JIFF” camp for life.

A lot of the guys in the videos actually have some pretty decent guns.  I was bracing for an appearance of an ENDO AR-15 stock to Glock adapter, but didn’t catch any.

You can check out his instagram page and his website if you’re interested in seeing more of his photography.  Really incredible pictures.

Thoughts?  I wonder how many of the individuals in the video are legally allowed to possess a firearm?  I’d like to think all of them all, but we all know there are definitely some people out there stupid enough to appear in a video breaking laws, which they know damn well is going up on YouTube.

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My man PULLED UP with the extendo:

Niiiiiiiice.  Holy, this thing is a kickstarter that raised $903,000 so far.  It’s called a LAOWA 24mm probe lens, and there is 8 days left on it if you want in.  The bottom tier of the kickstarter gets you the lens for $1400 USD.

Obviously despite how it looks in the video, nothing is being “fired” through the objects… it’s just that skinny little lens being moved. Cool idea.  Here’s a little behind the scenes look at them doing it on a pizza:

Thoughts?  Yea I’m disappointed that it doesn’t shoot lenses too guys.


Tactical Response Fighting Rifle Spokane WA 2015:

0:32 – Photographer takes his place downrange.  *smh* People will defend this to the death (no pun intended)… like there aren’t alternate safer ways to get a good shooting shot for instagram.

1:07 – No ceasefire or anything called, but the instructor decides to go downrange and point at targets.

1:13 – Gotta get a good shot with the cellphone cam.  It’s a must to also stand there like a smug boss after you take the quick vid.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedA lot of spins in this.  “Scanning for threats” I guess? *shrug*

I’m just not operator enough to understand apparently.  Tactical Response has been doing this downrange photography thing for a while now… I remember when that first video came out and people lost their minds.


P.S. – A lot of people have been sending me a link regarding an alleged safety issue at a Tactical Response class in California.  There are just too many people to hat tip, but thank you all for that.  I’m really not a huge fan of when stories aren’t directly from the people involved, “from a trusted source” and other 3rd party statements on this… so I’m going to sit this one out.  I wish there was some cellphone camera footage if the incident actually did take place… that would have been pure gold.


Looking at a technique called schlieren flow visualization:

A demonstration at Harvard:


Seeing-Sound-Schlieren-Flow-VisualizationWow that’s really cool, it actually looks like a simple concept too.  I wonder if Richard Ryan could set up something like this to do a new twist with cool gun vids?  I have no idea how much those mirrors are, but it looks simple enough besides that.



From James Yeager’s down range photographer:

*eye roll* yea so necessary, the justification as usual is even more retarded.  I really hope they keep making 11 minute videos on this topic, because it’s hilarious every time.

There are videos here and here of the down range photography if you’re not familiar.  

mr-chow-hangover-did-you-dieHe might as well just put a clown suit on and juggle, because this shit is clownish.



Fellow gun blogger SayUncle and his daughter in matching old school ENDO fits:


haha Oleg captioned the pic “A child being seen but not heard“.  Nothing like a little throwback suppressor humor.

Great pic!  That’s the first print of the M16 selector switch t-shirt I ever did.  I didn’t even use the tri-blend t-shirts back then, those are 50/50s.  Always good to see dads getting their young daughters into shooting.


Oh NO, what would Mom’s Demand Action think?! :P

Make sure to check Oleg Volk’s blog for more gun related pictures.

My usual “Would operate with?” would just be a rhetorical question in this case.  Of course you would operate with her, so much win!