Inside the book “From My Cold Dead Paws”:

Heh… just when I thought I had seen it all.

The NRA spoof “Feline Rifle Association” seal is a nice touch.

$11 on Amazon – HERE

Most of the pictures in the preview on amazon (and on the cover) actually look like crappy photoshops of cats with guns. I’ve got a lot of actual cats/dogs and guns saved to my hard drive (yes I save crap like that) i’ll have to use in another post sometime.


Definitely an interesting way to hold a rifle.  I can’t imagine that not using the sights on the rifle, and shooting from the hip would be endorsed by any police force in the world.

Also, what’s with the cross draw setup he has for his revolver? Is that something people do with outside the pants hip holsters?  Seems like a great way to unnecessarily muzzle sweep people every time you pull the gun out.  The only time i’m used to seeing cross draw is on shoulder rigs, but in that case it is necessary to have it on the opposite side.

Someone made a hilarious parody of the ad:

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I still haven’t got around to see the Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell movie ‘The Other Guys’ (trailer here), looks pretty funny though.

What is also funny is that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency apparently has an advertising policy that states ads should not appear to promote the use of firearms or advocate any violent action.

Because of that you end up with normal movie posters like this….

being “tamed” for the transit depots by photoshopping some pepper spray in as a gun substitute:

Wahlberg is apparently only sporting bare fists on his half of the poster.

The one thing I find funny is that Will Ferrell and Marky Mark actually are playing cops in this movie, and are even flashing their shields on the poster. It’s not like they are dressed as thugs or otherwise.  Last time I checked San Francisco police still openly carry guns, and I’m pretty sure people aren’t bursting into tears of fear when they see one of them around.

In an interesting double standard, the SFweekly blog reports that the regular non photoshopped poster is being used on the sides of all the public transit vehicles.

If it even prevented one persons feelings from being hurt I guess they can consider it a job well done :roll:.  They better get cracking on those public transit movie posters though, god knows what will happen if they roll past some hippie hangout.

Source – SFWeekly

All this insanity makes me wonder what the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency would have done if they were approached to advertise for the movie “The Expendables

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Fake reCaptcha – Photoshop Tutorial For Trolling:

  1. Take screenshot of the reCaptcha you are trying to troll (even type your troll words underneath before hand, for authenticity).
  2. Paste it into Photoshop, zoom in on the reCaptcha and delete it or color over it with white
  3. Select the type tool and change the font to “Times New Roman”, and change the style to “Bold”
  4. Type your trolling word(s) then use Warp Text (Layer –> Type –>Warp Text)  to give a distorted look.  I like the style “twist”.
  5. Flatten the image (Layer –> Flatten Image)
  6. Add a slight blur to the text.  I prefer Gaussian (Filter –> Blur – Gaussian) or Motion blur.
  7. Apply the Photocopy filter (Filter –> Sketch –> Photocopy) and even the “Graphic Pen” filter (and blur slightly for effect), Basically just fool around with the settings until you get it how you want.  You can use other filters and combinations of filters to achieve similar effects.
  8. reCaptcha troll word(s) complete.

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I always knew Jesus would use a Barrett M95.

Source – BoingBoing

That picture perfectly compliments my “Biblical Magpul Dynamics” photoshop from a few months back.


An interesting project by Indonesian artist Agan Harahap.

The full gallery with 12 more pictures – HERE

They are all pretty awesome, I had trouble deciding on which one to use in this post.