Oh it happened…. this little “clamp”:

Will allow you to double down on the picatinny derp, with shenanigans such as…. oh I don’t know firing mirrored AR-15s:

Or even putting a handgun underneath your rifle.   Because we all know how useful that would be:

I don’t know how I can get through these posts sometimes guys *smfh* haha.  This clamp is $40 over at A3 Tactical if you fit the profile.


Gat tip: Kyle, Matt

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Do you have a picatinny mounted knife on your rifle?  This guy does:

Yea not only does he have said knife on his forend, but he also double taps for the kill THEN makes sure the intended target is extra dead by throwing the knife at them.  If that’s not Tier -23 I don’t know what is.  He even comes correct with the double slash stab maneuver at the end.  Might want to scope and reddot that knife though for better accuracy.

The sheer variety of camouflages he sports in the video render him basically invisible, it’s breathtaking.

AR15-Picatinny-Rail-Mount-KnifeI wonder if he knows about the picatinny rail mounted axe blades that are available?  Seems like that would be right up his alley.  Even the handgun magazine mounted knife would be a good addition to kit.

$170 over at TopsKnives might seem like a lot when you have rent to pay and baby mommas to send money to, but you have to ask yourself “Can I really afford not to have a knife on my rifle?”


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I really hope whoever hits the buy button on these has an accident which prevents them from having kids:




$120 / $110 over at MeleeMods.  Oh wow they aren’t cheap either… why not though right?

Nothing like adding more weight to your gun for no reason.  I’m disappointed they don’t come in Keymod… I mean like do these guys even operate?  Keymod is the new picatinny, try and catch up. *smh*

Thoughts?  Buying one for all 4 sides of your quad rail?

Hat tip: John


Those springs and rails you sing about, bring em out:

If you want to skip to the interesting stuff, it starts at 2:05.

You can pick one up at ArkLaTex Tactical for $270.  What you’re getting is that rectangular piece with springs inside it, and a picatinny rail pictured below:


It’s basically an Atkins Accelerator when used in conjunction with a Slidefire stockThe ATF didn’t like the Atkins Accelerator, I wonder what they think of this combo? 

The best part of the whole video was this tacticool derp MAC:


Oh LAWD that’s just too impressive.  Needs more accessories on that top rail though!

Thoughts? 10/10 would operate with?  Anyone know the legality when used with the Slidefire?

Hat tip: Christopher


I’m still trying to decide what tier of operator this is catering to:

0:05 – “Hi I’m blonde, have a low cut shirt, great teeth, a pony tail, and aviators.. I’ll be distracting you for the next 4.5 minutes”

0:17 – LOL I’m already starting to see why you’d need a rotating rail if you mount a damn handgun on your rail.  *smh* remember the post I did about that a while back?  Shit is out of control…

0:51 – Not sure why all this couldn’t be taken care of with a canted mount… but whatevs.

2:08 – hahah taser pulled from the rail mounted derp holster to knock that guy off the folding chair, then engage a target down range.  That would make a great animated gif.

3:45 – I wish I had a white Tahoe I didn’t give a shit about which I could pepper with brass damage.  “Nah baby, that’s not from rocks on the highway… I operate so hard, that’s all from ejecting brass.”

No tactical gyroscopic beer holder? Weaksauce.

For the operations I operate in, I can’t say I’ve ever wished my rail rotated 360 degrees.  Actually that’s a lie… I’ve always wanted a motorized 360 degree rotating rail with blades on it for CQB.  Even guns mounted facing outwards which sprayed bullets as the rail was rotating would be acceptable.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackHead over to Ballista Tactical to pick one up for $200 if you’re interested.  Why that page looks like it’s trying to sell you a book on how to get rich and retire off penny stocks I have no idea.


Hat tip: Van