I saw the vid still for this and was like “OH LAWD… you crazy for this one Kirsten Weiss“:

Similar in sport to her Yoga pose shot. Is Yoga even a sport? Meh, I already don’t care… Google isn’t an option because I’ve had potato chip dust on my one free hand for the past 10 minutes, holding it out away from my keyboard like an idiot rather than just going to the sink and washing it off. God, no wonder I’m still single.

I demand equal treatment for male shooters… this hobby is so sexist.  If any of the guy youtubers were to do a shot like this you’d never hear the end of “UNSUBBED bro”.  Mattv2099, you need to do a Kirsten Weiss parody vid LOL.

Kirsten-Weiss-Dat-AnschutzDo your thang Kirsten.  Keep tripling up those subscribers.  I still would like to see you transition into higher caliber rifles though.



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