I read into this that buying a box and never using your concealed carry pistol isn’t going to raise as much money:

Why use scary looking black talons that the media will villainize you over?  See them try and spin a story where some guy that broke into your house to kill your family got Mozambique’d with cute lil’ pink “flex tipped” rounds.  Ooooooo I just wanna pinch that flex tip’s fat cheeks.

hornady-ammunition-logoThoughts?  Do you hate breast cancer and love dead bad guys as much as I do?


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The gun store guys handle some pink guns and show alternatives:

I really think the whole “pink” conniption some people have is hilarious.  In general i’d say women like pink as a color, so why wouldn’t manufacturers make guns in that color?  The bottom line is if that color didn’t sell, no one would offer it.  They don’t make burgundy colored firearms for either sex for a reason…. or do they? :P

No thoughts on shooting illegal Mexicans immigrants in this particular video, so that was refreshing. I still can’t believe they went there.

Thoughts?  Ever see a guy with a pink gun?


Shooters can now blast clay pigeons for a cause. Federal® Ammunition’s special edition Top Gun® Target loads support finding a cure for breast cancer. These distinctive pink hulls are an effective hunting and shooting practice option or a solid load for shooting competitions. A portion of the sales of this product will go directly to the search for a cure. The new 12-gauge 2-3/4-inch #8 shotshells deliver consistent performance for all types of clay target shooting.

Come on Federal… what’s the “portion”? There’s been one too many “Boot SCAMpaign” type chairty things in the mix to make my needing to know that number a requirement.

Regardless of the percentage, in this particular case even if its 1%… if you need shotgun ammo you might as well get this pink stuff because it will still go bang the same and help a good cause.


“I ran back into my mom’s room and grabbed her little pink rifle, and there was two bullets in there,” she said.

With the loaded rifle, Gutierrez said she checked the bathroom and then the living room ready to defend herself. She said she ran to her mother’s closet and called 911.

Full story – HERE

That could have ended badly if she didn’t have that rifle. Two shots is better than zero shots any day of the week.

Pretty awesome that even though she only learned how to shoot a few days prior, she still had the guts and the know how to do what she did.


Picture taken on top of Rio hotel Voodoo lounge patio, KAC’s mini thermal scope in front of the M110 scope over looking Vegas skyline.

The picture below shows the rifle itself.  Not sure why it’s white and pink. Maybe so it would show up better in dark pictures, not scare the girls, be easier to locate in the crowd?

I don’t know how much drinking was going on at that party, but I wouldn’t want my expensive rifles anywhere near drunk people and/or top floor balconies. :P

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