pipe gun

Royal Nonesuch blowin’ necks out:

haha the highlight is at 3:28 when we see what the round looks like:


Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOI’m no metallurgy expert, but these pipe guns of his seem to be taking a beating quite well (on the surface of things anyways).  Would operate with in certain potential situations.

7:23 – The bullet is sittin’ sidewayz.



Royal Nonesuch: The people’s firearm enthusiast:

Royal-Nonesuch-Pipe-Gunhaha 360 no-scopes to start out.  What a showman. Very science’y too with the mossberg as a baseline…. he’s good.  Dude upgraded the sunglasses to Oakley M frames (or lookalikes).

He’s VERY confident in those pipe guns now wow.  Call me chicken or over cautious, but until I saw some conclusive metallurgy tests I’d be convinced at any moment that end cap could blast off through my jaw. *shrug*