Royal Nonesuch experiments with shirt prints and cut shotgun shells:

Cool, worked as expected.  The operational Skittles banded to the stock were a nice touch.

Shotgun-Cut-Shells-Homemade-SlugsIf you remember Barry and Eric from IV8888 did a segment on cut shells, and additionally ABsuperman did a hilarious cut shotgun shells video where he screamed the whole time LOL.

I don’t remember if any of the videos mentioned any danger in this… is there any?  I can’t imagine much could go wrong.



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Royal Nonesuch and his pipe barreled shotgun:

Cool enough video… the CO2’s seemed like a decent projectile, and by decent I mean I wouldn’t want to be shot with one.

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeNothing much else to say about that besides the fact that gun of his is pretty cool, and functional.  Goes to show that firearms will ALWAYS exist.



Taofledermaus smokes a pipe:

As usual, I wouldn’t want to be hit with that.  Not the most predictable trajectory which isn’t ideal, but better than nothing.

BraveTheWorld-Shotgun-TanktopRoyal Nonesuch is a YouTube channel that’s relatively new to me.  The guy who runs it tagged me in a Instagram picture of him and his homemade .410 revolver pipe shotgun, and he was wearing one of my shirts.  Really cool channel this guy has (he’s getting his own post after this one)… small world that Taofledermaus talked about him today!



The Sling Ding – Pat McNamara wants you to Lay pipe to be a better operator:

$30 over at TYR Tactical.

Pat McNamara is a 22 year United States Army Special Operations veteran and he says this “is an ESSENTIAL piece of kit every operator requires”. Direct quote bitches.

Sling-DingYo P… from one operator to another, should I really be trying to add ounces to my kit?  A wise man once said, that after a long day ounces are pounds… Real talk, no?

P.S. – I see you’re getting a lot of sun, and you’re wearing sunglasses.  Can I interest you in a notch hat?  Essential piece of kit as well if you ask me.

Thoughts?  You guys trying to spend $30 and lay pipe in your next op?  Let me know!


He appears to have done loads of function testing prior to hitting record:

Strike #1 – 0:15 – “the clip… I pull it out”

Strike #2 – The remainder of the video

I’ll give him some style points for having the DIY spirit to actually bring his weed smoking pipe dreams to fruition.  Putting a gun in your mouth (fake or not) in my opinion is never a great idea though.


Hat tip: Peter


These guys should make a movie called “Lose a hand, or die trying”:

Besides the cool factor of the improvised weapons, I loved the soothingly casual “Allahu Akbar” at 3:20.   Most of the time in videos 50 people scream it at once.

Hat tip: One of my favorite YouTubers HighJak86 (who may or may not be working on an improvised pipe weapon for a future video)