pistol carbine

Actually nah, and Yeager shits all over them and gets riled up in this video:

0:28 – SHOTS FIRED at ENDO haha *cough* ENDOtactical *cough*.  I didn’t design that thing to save the planet.  I designed it as a fun addon.

0:47 – Putting a stock on a pistol does not make it a rifle. *eye roll* Wellllll actually it does according to the ATF, plus talk to anyone who has one of my AR-15 stock to Glock adapters and they’ll tell you they can push their handgun out father with better accuracy because of the 3rd point of contact (like a rifle).  We all know the round doesn’t magically change.

Man he’s really charged up.  At least one the guys who work for him has ordered my adapter, and no it’s not FXhummel.  I hope the guy trolls Yeager with it non stop, which prompted this video.