pistol grip

Sorinex did the gym bro / shooting bro crossover demographic a solid:

They don’t offer a guarantee on what I’m about to say… but I’m sure you’ll get at least one “HELL YA BRUTHER” from another gym bro if you clip these things up and start doing pull ups.  I’m pretty sure it will impress precisely ZERO girls, but then again who knows.

I made my own instagram post about the product a few weeks ago, and naturally the comments were hilarious.

These pistol grips are $129 on their website, but are currently sold out.



The gun store guy speak on gun laws that they think are stupid:

I know some of you guys are getting sick of these two, but I get a kick out of them and there’s some good commentary in this video.

The background conversations going on in their videos drive me nuts.  I suppose that’s what you get for filming during business hours though.

LOL pump action AK-47s!  I didn’t even know those existed… hilarious.  California… You crazy!