pistol training

Teaching you how to T-Zone hard.

This is the digitally remastered version on Laserdisc:

The OG version probably pulled from a Betamax or 8mm:

I love Carnik Con.  One of the greatest contributions ever to the gun community.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeAccording to my girlfriend (whose leaving me tomorrow for a month to go to Spain so feel sorry for me) the T-Zone is also talked about in the world of makeup.  Who knew non-operator girl’s T-Zoned hard in a different way.



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A look at the new USMC pistol training program, slated to replace the old one:


This new program is apparently designed to incorporate a mindset steeped in the battlefield according to the video description.  I guess battlefields work a lot different than I imagined them to be.

Yea I’m not qualified to critique a training program, but I’m going to do it anyway because that’s what I do best.

Those exaggerated 360 degree scans look derpy.  “BUT MIKE IT’S A 360 BATTLE ZONE IRL!”.  Yea Yea I get that but isn’t the saying “train as you will fight”?  Are these guys really going to be in tons of situations where they are calmly shooting a controlled pair an the enemy, ejecting the magazine and doing a 360 degree scan?

Is pulling the slide slightly back (press check I’m assuming?), ejecting the magazine and looking at it (to see if there’s at least 1 round left in it?) something real operators who operate in operations always should do after dropping tangos?

Is tapping the back of the slide, a Beretta M9 thing people do?  Did this operator just do that to look cool?  Should I be doing that to look like I know what I’m doing next time I operate with an M9?

Starting every drill with his hands up in the air by his face seem different than how I would think these guys would train for real life too.  When a marine walks around in a war zone does he always have his hands up there?

Thoughts?  Good way to train for real life situations a marine will encounter?