pistol whip

Ok this is apparently “real”:

Alternative-Ballistics-Clown-NoseHmmmm so you mean to tell me a guy who runs a viral video page on instagram dressed as a clown (currently topical) got pistol whipped by a guy with a gun (also a hot topic)?  Yea totally not planned… I’m buying it 100%. *eye roll*.  Must be a slow news day when shit like this is reported.


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*facepalm* shit got real at Dunkin’ Donuts in Florida:

Full Story – The Blaze

LOL some people’s kids *smh*.  Like going to jail is worth a iced coffee order being messed up.

If someone knows that Dunkin’ Donuts employee (Rajay Hall) I’d like to send him a Pistol Whip t-shirt.



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New from LaserLyte:

This will help you get your technique down before you inevitably have to pistol whip someone for real someday.

Here are some tips for those of you who are new to pistol whipping:

  1. Get the person on their knees.  They obviously aren’t going to want to kneel down infront of you… the solution? Some Bruce Lee style move on the back of their knee caps.  Since you roll so deep, this is actually a good task for a member of your entourage to perform. You’ve got a whole 9 steps ahead of you, energy has to be conserved.
  2. Alright here we go… start the interaction off by asking a really vague or even a rhetorical question.  “Oh you didn’t think I’d ______ huh?”
  3. Next you’re going to want to throw in a statement about how they shouldn’t have messed with you.  This is probably quite evident by now… but still, pistol whipping is all about being dramatic so make this part good.
  4. Tell them that you are in fact going to whip them with your pistol.
  5. Describe exactly what is going to happen and how it’s going to feel.  “The slide of my Glock is going to hit the side of your face and shatter your pretty cheekbone into 1000 fragments and you’re going to taste gunshot residue, regret, and… etc.. etc..”
  6. Ask them if they are ready for it.
  7. Count down from five.   5……4……3 *WAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOw*.  Yea you hit them on 3… that’s a total boss move I learned from my dentist.
  8. Over enunciate a really solid swear word or profanity laden phrase, as dramatically as possible while they are lying there bleeding.  This part is absolutely crucial.  Yea they could be unconscious or really dazed, but again this is all just all about looking the coolest possible infront of whoever is watching.
  9. Act like you didn’t enjoy it.  Shake your head, scowl  scoff.  It’s kind of like “cool guys don’t look at explosions”.  You’re going to come across as a herb if you get all giddy that you just laid steel to face.  You’re not a herb are you?  Of course not… you made it to step #9.
  10. Casually walk away, or more realistically get on your badass custom hog and ride away without a care in the world.

LaserLyte-Pistol-Whip-Training-PistolThe Trigger Tyme Pistol Whip Trainer is only $55 from LaserLyte.

LaserLyte, if you read this I’ll definitely consider licensing my 10 tips to you, to include with every trainer pistol.  Contact info in the sidebar.

Thoughts?  Any of you pistol whip vets want to throw some of your own tips out?  I’m always looking to learn something.


If you look close you can see dried tears and the words “Internet Troll” on Yeager’s heavy bag:

Sounds like solid advice.  I’d like to see someone do some tests on that inertia flipping the rounds around thing he mentioned.  I don’t doubt it could happen, I’d just like to see some tests done.

You might recognize the Everlast MMA heavy bag from the video where tactical saucy minx Erika used a glock to deliver a beating to it, then proceeded to get embarrassed when we made fun of her which resulted in her tactical boyfriend Cory to throwing a shit fit and removing the video.