Whoa, this is nice:

I can’t even remember the last time I actually wanted a new gun that someone released, this though.. wow!

0:27 – “With the included magwell you can use Glock magazines” 😲 whoa.  That’s pretty major.  Has any other gun company just went ahead and included compatibility for something a competitor makes?  Seems like typically this would be something a 3rd party company would release on the aftermarket.

The threaded barrel is a nice touch too.  A lot more people are running suppressed nowadays.

0:57 – Takedown mechanism for when you want to pack it.

If you want info ont he two PC Charger models check out that link. Sadly this is not a paid post. I really should talk less shit on this blog, and start securing the quarantine bag 💰… NAH.


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I actually wasn’t expecting a .22LR pistol after seeing the teaser a few days ago.  I just figured it would be some subcompact polymer frame 9mm or .380.

My main question is, will this feed the bricks reliably, or will .22LR hitters need to slap down more cash for the Gucci higher powered .22LR that is manufactured with tighter tolerances?  When we’re talking .22LR that’s really the only thing that matters in my mind.  If I can’t drain Walmart bricks all day then I don’t want it.

0:56 – WAT… she’s back to Jessie Harrison now?  None of my business *sips tea 🍵🐸* but I’m thinking she should just stick to “Jessie” in the marketing like how Prince, Sting, and Madonna did it.  Although as a piehitter of the upper crust, you could always flex your knowledge of the niche when someone says “*something something* Jessie Duff…” you could stop them and be like “UM EXCUSE YOU?  She goes by Harrison now you plebe.  *mutters* some people…”.  How many of you unabashed thirst lords are going to be scouring Las Vegas Tinder next week for Jessie?  God knows talking to her in real life at the Taurus booth would be to terrifying… although you could show her your Taurus / Anderson Manufacturing / Punisher combo tattoo to break the ice.

1:20 – All polymer magazine that holds 16 rounds.  Yea yea whatever, I just want to know when the EXTENDOs are coming out.

Thoughts?  I actually don’t hate this after watching the video.  I think it might be a tough sell in such a saturated market, but I don’t really know what things look like in the retail gun business.  I’ll reiterate that it HAS to feed cheap ammo… I’ll look for some reviews sooner or later once people iNfLuEnCErS start getting seeded them.  If I see one in real life I’m definitely calling the guy shooting it “Tex”… just hoping he replies “OH WhUT Bruther?  You Mess with the BULL 🤘 you get THE HORNS.”


LOL this is so dumb, it’s impressive:

Oh and here’s a video of PatrolBase on Instagram drawing the thing.  What a disaster:

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The ATF be like:

Whole lotta CZ.  The pronounced sharp-ish beavertail on the CZ-75 looks uncomfortable to shoulder (I can’t believed I just typed that), but what do I know.  Yea sure, it’s airsoft, but still.  Don’t tell me there aren’t thousands of piehitters out there that will be absolutely dying to get this for every handgun and rifle they have.  If you don’t think that’s an accurate statement, I’d say you haven’t been deep in the gun related internet for long enough.

In the pictures, the connector looks like a 3D printed sample, but I’m sure they are probably working on production models as we speak.  I can’t really tell who makes it, but it seems to be either PatrolBase (the one who posted these pictures) or Action Sport Games.  If you’re looking for more info, or whatever you should holler at one of them.

Thoughts?  You need one of these to put your 1911 inside your blasphemous chopped Mosin-Nagant and shoulder it?  heh, they might be able to sort you out.

Gat tip: Modern.paladin, Riley


Yung Richie Nonesuch back at it again:

2pacInnovation.  I wouldn’t want my hands or face anywhere near something like that, but Royal Nonesuch’s track record with not getting hurt is pretty damn good now.  The fact none of those welds ever break blows my mind.

2:12 – That thing flew pretty far!

3:38 – ahahha don’t tell me he shoots this stuff an an actual range?  The old guys there must lose their minds.  At the range I used to go to, we would get shit from the old guys for shooting human silhouette targets and “rapid” fire.

I blogged about his grappling hook shotgun in march of 2015 where I also speculated about his mom and how I was going to someday be his step dad.


ahahhahaha this thing:

12″ barrel on that thing.  Safety Harbor Firearms made it, but they don’t sell it for some reason. *shrug*

Action shot:


hahah wow.  Thoughts?  Holding out for the 20mm version like I am? :P


Haha this guy:

Pat-McNamaraIf Pat McNamara isn’t already one of your favorite shooters/instructors off the strength of his personality, then maybe another clip from his pistol DVD will sway you. I posted one a few days ago which was funny too. There are just way too many guys who take themselves so seriously in this industry. Pat is like a breath of fresh Hoppe’s. I checked Panty-Oh to see if I could stream his DVD for a few dollars, but this particular Pat one still seems to be in post-production. No big deal I’m thinking… I can wait. BUT, then I was like NAH when I saw that to stream other DVDs on their site they want $30. How’s that working out for them? Why are they not using the iTunes model? I’d definitely spend over $30 with them if I could stream these videos for $5 to $10. Thoughts? Am I just a cheap bastard?