LOL this is so dumb, it’s impressive:

Oh and here’s a video of PatrolBase on Instagram drawing the thing.  What a disaster:

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The ATF be like:

Whole lotta CZ.  The pronounced sharp-ish beavertail on the CZ-75 looks uncomfortable to shoulder (I can’t believed I just typed that), but what do I know.  Yea sure, it’s airsoft, but still.  Don’t tell me there aren’t thousands of piehitters out there that will be absolutely dying to get this for every handgun and rifle they have.  If you don’t think that’s an accurate statement, I’d say you haven’t been deep in the gun related internet for long enough.

In the pictures, the connector looks like a 3D printed sample, but I’m sure they are probably working on production models as we speak.  I can’t really tell who makes it, but it seems to be either PatrolBase (the one who posted these pictures) or Action Sport Games.  If you’re looking for more info, or whatever you should holler at one of them.

Thoughts?  You need one of these to put your 1911 inside your blasphemous chopped Mosin-Nagant and shoulder it?  heh, they might be able to sort you out.

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Yung Richie Nonesuch back at it again:

2pacInnovation.  I wouldn’t want my hands or face anywhere near something like that, but Royal Nonesuch’s track record with not getting hurt is pretty damn good now.  The fact none of those welds ever break blows my mind.

2:12 – That thing flew pretty far!

3:38 – ahahha don’t tell me he shoots this stuff an an actual range?  The old guys there must lose their minds.  At the range I used to go to, we would get shit from the old guys for shooting human silhouette targets and “rapid” fire.

I blogged about his grappling hook shotgun in march of 2015 where I also speculated about his mom and how I was going to someday be his step dad.


ahahhahaha this thing:

12″ barrel on that thing.  Safety Harbor Firearms made it, but they don’t sell it for some reason. *shrug*

Action shot:


hahah wow.  Thoughts?  Holding out for the 20mm version like I am? :P


Haha this guy:

Pat-McNamaraIf Pat McNamara isn’t already one of your favorite shooters/instructors off the strength of his personality, then maybe another clip from his pistol DVD will sway you. I posted one a few days ago which was funny too. There are just way too many guys who take themselves so seriously in this industry. Pat is like a breath of fresh Hoppe’s. I checked Panty-Oh to see if I could stream his DVD for a few dollars, but this particular Pat one still seems to be in post-production. No big deal I’m thinking… I can wait. BUT, then I was like NAH when I saw that to stream other DVDs on their site they want $30. How’s that working out for them? Why are they not using the iTunes model? I’d definitely spend over $30 with them if I could stream these videos for $5 to $10. Thoughts? Am I just a cheap bastard?


Shadow Force out of Red Deer Alberta:

0:13 – Everyone takes a tactical knee when the instructor is speaking

0:15 – Oh a wet floor?  They must have done that on purpose using the buckets earlier.  Getting rid of that new gear look / smell.

0:29 – Tactical T-rex cracking a joke for the lady in the group.  She’s loving it evidently.

2:09 – Yessssssssss exaggerated derp scans in Canada!  They made it!  I suppose with the internet it was only a matter of time.  In the old days news of the derp scan would have been spread by nomadic people through legend.

2:47 – Jimi Hendrix style slide on his knees through the water on the floor… to put his hands in the water filled rubbermaid THEN gets water dumped all on his back and head only to grab the submerged handgun and stand up and start shooting at the targets haha.

3:11 – Oh sweet lord what’s going on here?  Assembly from field stripped while their heads are submerged in water buckets?  SIGN ME THE FUCK UP, I need to train like I fight and I normally fight like that.


4:21 – Gotta practice those pistol head poke then executions.

4:39 – LOL this is borderline abuse.  Did that guy consent?  Took him down hard too before they doused him with that 5 gallon.  He got up like a boss those and grabbed that submerged pistol and got into the fight.

Maple Syrup Militia. More about these guys over at their website Shadow Force.  Thoughts?

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Black-Powder-Black-PowerAs you can see the quality of the video is terrible.  It’s funny to hear their non-chalant reaction though.  Nothing like KB’ing guns and drinking beer in the desert.  #Merica


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