Shadow Force out of Red Deer Alberta:

0:13 – Everyone takes a tactical knee when the instructor is speaking

0:15 – Oh a wet floor?  They must have done that on purpose using the buckets earlier.  Getting rid of that new gear look / smell.

0:29 – Tactical T-rex cracking a joke for the lady in the group.  She’s loving it evidently.

2:09 – Yessssssssss exaggerated derp scans in Canada!  They made it!  I suppose with the internet it was only a matter of time.  In the old days news of the derp scan would have been spread by nomadic people through legend.

2:47 – Jimi Hendrix style slide on his knees through the water on the floor… to put his hands in the water filled rubbermaid THEN gets water dumped all on his back and head only to grab the submerged handgun and stand up and start shooting at the targets haha.

3:11 – Oh sweet lord what’s going on here?  Assembly from field stripped while their heads are submerged in water buckets?  SIGN ME THE FUCK UP, I need to train like I fight and I normally fight like that.


4:21 – Gotta practice those pistol head poke then executions.

4:39 – LOL this is borderline abuse.  Did that guy consent?  Took him down hard too before they doused him with that 5 gallon.  He got up like a boss those and grabbed that submerged pistol and got into the fight.

Maple Syrup Militia. More about these guys over at their website Shadow Force.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Beau



Black-Powder-Black-PowerAs you can see the quality of the video is terrible.  It’s funny to hear their non-chalant reaction though.  Nothing like KB’ing guns and drinking beer in the desert.  #Merica


Gat tip: SayUncle


One shot, one giggle, one hurt hand:


haha whoa.  Can you imagine shooting 000 buckshot with that?

No information at all on this, besides it was posted on a thai forum… Google translate suggests that the one guy may have made it for his uncle, but that could be an error.

If some reputable company made a version of this, and Glock made a similar version of this the gun world would implode with glee.

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Gotta hit em with the stunna punch:

*Waaaaapap* *blam blam blam*.  Drills like this seem real derpy considering the “attacker” might not just be standing there and not moving the whole time while this guy fumbles a reload and slowly retreats backward.

Here’s a high-speed alternative:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15LOL holy ok that was quick.  Right up near the face, derp scan, ninja moves and the whole bit.  10/10 would operate with. :P


Gat tip: no uno


A CQB drill for G’s who want to spice up fantasy attack scenarios with throat slitting:

His mom is filming this one, so he wanted to make her extra proud (McDonalds Fries after training for her little ‘ton ‘ton):

You might be on your knees straddling the attacker, and want to mix things up with a stab. Train for it:

Accessing that big blade, in this “Starwars kid” style video:

Fancy “West Side Story” style footwork in this last one:

Anton Beukes is the guy in the videos. It’s obviously cooler to stab at least one attacker, than boringly / predictably shoot all them.

Pistol-Knife-TrainingIt’s always risky talking about a post like this one, I saw on TFB which Nicholas wrote, because there’s a good chance it was lifted off this blog from a post I did days, months, even years earlier.  This particular video has a Dec 28, 2014 date on it though so I’m assuming unless someone re-upped it it’s new… and I don’t recognize it.  I got so many emails about that guy a while back, where people were like “wtf?”.  It has tapered off now quite a bit, but I still do get the occasional person ask what’s going on.

Thoughts?  Would incorporate into your training? Would bet on these vids disappearing?


I have zero context, and if these guys are actually Russian or not. I’m just going by the video description:

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerMeh.. not bad I guess.  There are so many disarm videos and theories out there, that it seems like the best thing to do is just try SOMETHING rather than potentially getting executed.  I wonder if they were practicing with live rounds in the video?  Foreigners have been known to do some crazy shit in training… way more derptastic than putting photographers downrange on a live range.

Hat tip: Krystian