Talking Lead goes to Maximus Arms to check out the process of making a 1911 from scratch, and to have some fun:

I like Talking Lead because they don’t take themselves too seriously.

3:20 – MMMMM lost wax casting

5:38 – For a company I’ve never heard of, they sure look like they are doing well in the 1911 game.  I find this surprising because I don’t know anyone with a non major brandname 1911.

Colt-M191119:57 – This guy better never show up to work hungover or tired.  That day would be his last.

I really had no idea there was such much dirty hands on labor involved in making 1911s.



Jerry is a machine:

Told-That-Teacher-Crayons-MemeSo basically after 25 minutes of watching that I’m assuming I’ll be as good as him.  This better work, I’ve got cheetos to eat and my mom is already telling me to go to bed.  IN A MINUTE MOM!

Anyway even if you don’t like Jerry for whatever reason, you can’t be mad at the guy’s skills.



Carnik Con with a trailer for a video that will surely blow our minds:

CarniK-Con-YouTubeYea… that will be a good one.


Highjak86 spits hot fyaaaahhhh out of their AR Pistol:

Pretty mean.

Someone please answer this question for me… I call this an AR pistol, not an SBR because I notice the use one of those Sig Arm Brace stocks on it.  In hindsight I guess that’s why they have ARP (an acronym I’ve never seen used before but I’m assuming stands for AR Pistol) in the title.  Is it legal to not use it like a pistol at all and put the brace up against your shoulder like they are?  Seems like a pretty glaring loophole to the SBR / pistol retardedness.



Highjak86 with a fun little AR-15 pistol build:

That DynaComp looks like it’s doing its job nicely.. wow.

It’s hard to tell how loud something like that is on camera, but if you’ve ever been near a short barreled .223/5.56 trust me… it’s LOUD.  Thank god they aren’t under a canopy of any kind (I learned that the hard way).  I bet it was loud as hell in that truck at the end.

3:08 – LOL bumpfire skillz

Representing ENDO Apparel with the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt on, fitting choice for the video.  Oatmeal color too, my favorite.


Master Ken doesn’t mess around when it comes to mustaches or handgun disarms:

Master-Ken-Pistol-Disarmhahah that’s pretty good, I like Master Ken’s style.

I could quote some parts of the video for LOLs, but you’re better off just watching it.

I feel that if Master Ken ever wanted to retire that red suit for something black with lots of MOLLE, the man would be a natural at operating in operations.

Hat tip: @ATAtactical