High speed camera shows drag:

I wonder if that’s his kid’s fish tank?  I remember I had fish a few times… what a shitty pet.  I still would like to get rays and sharks someday in a massive baller-status wall tank.  I’d have people look after it though.

That looks pretty sweet when the glass spiderwebs and explodes.

AK-47-Kool-AidWATER = FASTER?! omg my entire world just came crashing down on me.  Damn you science *shakes fist into air and drops to knees*.  It does make perfect sense when he explained it thankfully.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you have a baller-status shark / ray tank please email me pics.

Hat tip: Joethefatman, Kevin, Carl


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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According to their website the starting price is $1295.

It’s too bad they don’t get into the upper / bolt market separately… I’m sure they would make a killing if people could just buy that and not a whole new gun.

Video of it in action – HERE

It’s weird when you can see right through the upper when the bolt locks back!

Quality Arms LRAR Piston Dominator product page – HERE



I don’t like how it doesn’t appear to be as customizable as the AR-15.  The entire lower is molded, so you can forget about changing out the grip or trigger guard.  The stock can be changed, but it appears complicated, which will no doubt add to the cost of any aftermarket versions that will come out.

Looks like with this gun you can forget the days of buying a stripped upper, lower, barrel, parts kit etc.. and assembling your own.

I still am not quite sold on the whole piston driven system either.

Check out TheFirearmBlog for the whole set.