If you’re not operating a tactical pizza cutter on the reg you’re not Tier 1 enough to live:




$30 from ThinkGeek.

Epic how it comes with the laser / flashlight but yet can be removed to expose a full picatinny rail underneath.  I’d probably opt for a Nightforce 5-25x because I’m smooth like that with the long distance ops.

The pizza cutter body is a Zinc alloy, but for some reason it’s not dishwasher safe though… does Zinc have trouble with soap and hot water?  Oh.. Maybe they think people won’t remove the laser / light before washing.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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*puts sunglasses on* Looks like they got more than just the dough:



0:22 – I gotta hand it to him.. that phone snatch / casual floor smash looked badass.

0:56 – Lucky he was wearing a helmet, otherwise that would have hurt!  Oh wait…



Hunt Brothers Pizza out of Nashville, TN gives you this with pizza takeout or delivery:

Genius promo.  Ironically environmental too, considering it will get 2 uses… holding the pizza and then getting shot at.  The environmental aspect kind of takes a turn for the worse when you realize you’ll be pumping lead into it… but at least it saved a portion of a tree you would have killed if you didn’t have a free target to shoot on your empty pizza box.

Make sure to lick your fingers off before you shoot.  Cleaning dried tomato sauce out of a match trigger is a pain in the ass I hear. *shifty eyes*

I like a company that isn’t afraid to do things like hunting promotions, and even put a religious saying on the box knowing that either one could lose them a few customers.  They have their values, and they stick to them.


Hat tip: Art, Franklin


I amuse myself by coming up with things like this:

For those that don’t get the joke, the guy (pictured) that owns the Front Sight training school is named Ignatius Piazza. Speaking of which, his advertising budget must be HUGE. If you’re into guns and haven’t been bombarded by his ads everywhere you go on the internet, then you’re not paying attention.