Brandon printed one and put it to the test:

Definitely some kinks to work out in the design, but such awesome work so far.

6:57 – Putting the AK on the the lead sled is fine and all, but this is the part I was waiting for.

Thoughts?  Amazing how 3D printing has only been around for a handful of years and stuff that like that already be easily printed.  Imagine the capabilities another 10 years from now?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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So this happened while I was on a blog break 🤔😊:

An update from the inventor on November 4th – The Plastikov is at 500 round for the rear receiver, and 850 rounds for the front receiver!

Wow.  This stuff is only going to get better with 3D printing continuing to improve.

Brandon the AK Guy said in a recent video that’s he’s going to print and test one, so I’m looking forward to that.