playing cards

Cool idea, which is now a Kickstarter project:

Definitely beats the math cards my parents used to make me answer on long car trips when I was really young.  If I had a kid, I’d make him / her memorize these cards for sure.  It would make for a great party trick, not to mention a valuable life skill.

A lot of times I feel Kickstarter is unnecessary, and people just do it because it’s cool and they won’t have to take any risk on their shitty idea.  This though I think is a good idea, and perfect for Kickstarter. Click on the project thumbnail to the left to take you to the page where you can get in on the ground floor.

Stained-Glass-AK-47I know what you’re thinking… when are they going to do a Deagle brand Deagle edition right?! Oh.. only me?