Some cool “Art”:

More pics over at the photographer/artist Deborah Bay’s website.

Cue the obligatory deep statement from the photographer herself:

…I also was intrigued by the psychological tension created between the jewel-like beauty and the inherent destructiveness of the fragmented projectiles. Many of the images resemble exploding galaxies, and visions of intergalactic bling sublimate the horror of bullets meeting muscle and bone. In fact, Susan Sontag described the camera as “a sublimation of the gun” — load, aim and shoot.

haha that’s a good one!

As Jesse mentioned, it’s lucky the “Professionals” in law enforcement at a Houston TX community college took care of the shooting.  God knows what would have happened if someone not in law enforcement would have fired those shots… Give a regular person in Texas a piece of plexiglas and a gun you might as well sign your own death certificate haha *eye roll*

I wonder what thickness of plexiglas she used?  It seems to be easily available as thick as 1″.  If shes using 1″ or thinner i’m actually kind of surprised that bullets don’t just sail right through that.  I might have to try this…


Hat tip: Jason L, Jesse


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