Vice takes a look:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15Interesting stuff.

Cool how they didn’t completely just look at the US side of things.  That Czech range with the tires is badass.  Looks like they have been running a multicam-black type pattern before it was cool

The one NY Times guys puts it well – “Are they truly American or are they truly international?  Who exactly are they working for?”.  Yea no kidding… if you can just hire these guys are they just on board with whatever the objective of the person who’s paying them the most?

LOL at the Cowwadoody ad at the end… lame.



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A virtual Kevin Spacey tells us what’s up:

Looks like he’s had some work done. Holy the weapons and the vehicles look high tec.

VICE takes a look a the implications of Private Military Companies (PMCs):

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareInteresting stuff.  

Are people excited for this game?   Damn I see it comes out November 4th, 2014… that’s a while yet!


This aired a couple of years ago on Skyone in the UK.  It’s about private military companies in Afghanistan:


I haven’t watched it yet, but It looks promising.

Anyone that has seen it have any comments?