Nice documentary, nice camouflage, and few nice guns in it:

I wish there was zero tolerance for more stuff in the US.  I lose some fans every time I say stuff like that, but oh well.  I suppose the same thing would happen here, like you’ll see happens later in the video though.  People would not be doing anything wrong, and they would catch some lead just because.  Sure this happens now occasionally, but there would likely be a lot more of it with zero tolerance.

Every time they talk about Dr. Leakey I think of the show Orphan Black.  That’s an Amazon affiliate link, but it’s free on Amazon Prime if you’re looking to kill some time.  Warning, the first few seasons are good but then it goes too far down the rabbit hole and I kind of lost interest.  Tatiana Maslany is a ridiculously good actress in it (she plays several “clone” characters, all with completely different looks and personalities on the show).

6:37 – Wait… the one dude who was shot… his name is “Salad”?  haha nice.

The video kind of slows down after about the half way point, but it’s still educational.

Thoughts?  Those guys should do a Kenyan Kickstarter to get new chest rigs.  The current ones are total eBay trash caliber.

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Poachers gonna poach. Vice takes a look:

Holy that makes me mad.  It’s a tough call though since there is a market for it.  I mean if you live in Kenya and your wife and kids are literally going to die if you don’t shoot and elephant and cut out its tusks, then I suppose that’s what you have to do.

They need to squash the market by throwing people who traffic ivory, and the people who buy it in jail for a very long time.

3:30 – I guess I knew they wouldn’t be using carbon fiber compound bows, but I didn’t think they would be working with something that primitive!

Elephant-Gun-Sketch-Drawing4:03 – Is that an HK G3? $100?!  I’ll take all you have sir.



Since the shirt isn’t going to have any effect on the actual poachers of the tigers it seems like a pretty poor marketing campaign. I really expected more from Leo Burnett , the famous advertising agency that apparently did this for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  

I suppose it might work alright to generate awareness of the poaching problem… but I still fail to see what that will solve, unless there is a huge mainstream market for Siberian tiger stuff I am not aware of.