point blank

Oooooooo child:

haha damn, Andrew gets it done in this video.

1:25 – LOL double barrel 1911 in the mix for this test.  haha naturally the slow motion was scary.  That gun is really cool as a proof of concept.  I wonder how many of them they sell though?  Actually probably a lot.

2:55 – He didn’t lie when he said the S&W .500 would breath fire.  Turned his wrist to linguini.

3:29 – AR-15 looking like a little pea shooter in slow motion.

3:50 – Rappers be like “THAT DRACO… brrrap brrrap I hit em with that DRACO”.  Nice amount of fire from that short barrel too.

5:07 – Remington 870  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .  OPENED UP A DAMN STARGATE on that one.

6:09 – Brace for a 3 hour rant about Audible haha. I wish YouTube was better at making these guys rich, so third party stuff didn’t have to come into play.


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Shot by Canadian photographer Peter Andrew:


Cue the deep “purpose” statement:

Guns have a massive amount of power associated with them. They are designed to kill. We decided to photograph portraits of them in a similar way you might photograph a powerful person. Like powerful people, pistols have this ‘perfect’ quality that we wanted to explore. As we started shooting them, we could see flaws in their design. Metal burring around the barrels, scratches in the metal. This imperfection and detail were very interesting to us; connecting us back to these images as ‘portraits’.

We also loved the impossible perspective these portraits provided. Typically, when you see a gun at this range and perspective it’s usually seconds before the pistol is fired. This makes it very hard to examine at point blank range. As the viewer, you want to lean in and see the detail; but at the same time it’s very uneasy to be as close as you are to the barrel of a gun.—Peter Andrew

If you’re interested in buying a print you can head over the the Point Blank Project website and drop him and email.  Price unknown, but you can likely count on them not being cheap.

I can’t tell by that purpose statement if the the artist is anti-gun or not, so I’m on the fence about this one.  Part of me thinks he may be just a regular guy that appreciates guns.

Bonus points for the initial lineup including a Deagle Brand Deagle and a .45 caliber Glock.



Not sure what this proves, besides that this guy is an idiot:

Yea we get it.. the trauma plates are rated for 7.62mm.  They were developed and tested safely by engineers and scientists in a lab, so no one would have to attempt retarded crap like this in their parents living room.  I hope his mom sees this and grounds him.

I saw the cat to his right, and I was bracing for a Boondock Saints type incident.

Hat tip: Kenny J.


Gaddafi loyalists gonna be loyal:

If that was me being held hostage, I wouldn’t know whether to call the guy’s bluff and try to escape, or assume he’s a dumb ass that doesn’t know better.

It appears to be a Russian RPG-7.

You can check out the rest of the pictures from when rebel forces took Tripoli a few days ago – HERE