Pixelated faces all around.  That real operator shit:

Intense Special Operations Training with Instructor Zero in Poland with including FORMOZA, GROM, A.B.W. (Polish FBI), C.B.A. (Anti-Corruption Bureau), J.W.K. (Commando Unit), BOA (Counter Terrorism), MOSG (Naval Border Security) and CSWL (Land Force Training Group).

In 2014 SF Unit FORMOZA in Poland invited Instructor Zero for a joint SF training course in an intense 5 day program which included elements of the HOST program and I.C.T.S. – Intelligently Controlled Targeting System that was created and developed by Instructor Zero.

They are doing a lot of those “roll-off to reload while the other guy shoots” maneuvers.  The general consensus on the post I made about Zero’s one video about that, is that it’s pretty derpy.   Yea I haven’t operated on the special forces level or anything, but it would seem to me that if there is an actual threat which would require shooting, both guys would shoot… one wouldn’t just roll off and be all tactically chilled out AF while guy #1 emptied his magazine.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereOnly Instructor Zero would have such angelic music in his videos haha.  I bet Zero hangs upside down naked at home field stripping guns in the dark with Ave Maria blasting through his speakers

3:26 – 3:41 contains mad tactical daps.