Oh yea, these look awesome:

More info on the Polaris MRZR over at their website.  It’s like a souped up operator’s version of their popular RZR.

Can non military buyers acquire the MRZR? *adjusts blacked out monocle* I’ll take two in Matte Black please sir.

I’d love to make one of those street legal… sadly I don’t think too many states (if any) would allow that.  I could have sworn I saw quads such as Yamaha Raptors on the side streets in California, so I don’t know.. maybe you can switch the “use” from off-road to on road there? Anyone know? The thing I find interesting is that you can buy a motorcycle and ride it on any road and no one even bats an eyelash… these things though have 4 wheels, seatbelts, and roll cages and they are considered off road only as far as I know.


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