Polenar Tactical

Hehe Ziga.. SIR… you can’t troll a troll:

I need to use this method asap.  By far, the most shocking thing in this video is that Ziga is wearing a notch hat 😂.  It was almost 6 years ago to the day, that I wrote that blog post.  I’m still no closer to understanding WHY haha… I’ll circle back periodically when the opportunity arises and let you guys know if I finally get it.

We need some sever farms working on Polenar Tactical DEEP FAKES, where Manca’s face is rendered over Ziga’s.



Yea this basically sums it up (headphone volume warning):

People just can’t wait to throw a like / fanboy comment on their favorite Insta-celeb’s posts though.  I just like to sit back in the shadows and watch the dumpster fires burn bright.

Polenar Tactical obviously did the video as a parody… but seriously poke around the Instagram “gun community” for a couple days and you’ll see what I mean.



Hmmmm LOL 🤔:

Haha pretty good.  I almost closed the window because I thought it was going to be all serious.




I don’t know anything about AREX brand handguns… are they any good?  Visually, they always came across like they are trying to be Sigs.  That said, I realize theres a limit to what you can do design-wise when you don’t want to scare people and come out with something too far out of the box or comfort zone of the standard pistol.  I find it incredibly wild pretty much in every industry, that companies which are basically the same seem to thrive… when (as I see it) basically only their marketing is what sets them apart. 🤔  Just thinking out loud.

I like these funny Polenar videos the best, and I really wish they would stick to them.  That said, I like the disruptive nature of YouTube / Instagram celebs venturing into “instructing”.  It allows more opportunities where we can laugh at herbs in the comments asking “WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS?”, and then witness them get an aneurysm when they find out the “instructor’s” skills were gained from watching YouTube and Instagram videos + range practice.  The old guys seem to be the most pissed off at this.

Thoughts?  Do you miss the days where in order to become a respected instructor you needed to be a military veteran and train for years with already established instructors?


Polenar did a lil comparison:

1:04 – Shot timer looking like a damn first generation mp3 player 😂

7:25 – What’s with Ziga not using his left hand for this part of the video with the AKS-74U? Oh ok nm they mention it towards the end, that they decided to give Ziga a handicap by not using that hand and wearing the plate carrier.

I really wouldn’t call Ziga a “pro” after seeing this video (no shots fired intended), but regardless there is a difference in their skill level.

Thoughts? Do you think Samo’s popped collar was increasing his drag too much?


This appears to be real:

Whoa, these guys managed to partner with Haley and a shit ton of other companies.  The post thumbnail says it best.

I really had no idea Polenar Tactical was considered this legitimate in the world of firearms training.  I always thought of them strictly as a YouTube entertainment channel.  Either way, I’m happy for them and wish them success.  Slovenia appears to be a really nice place, but I’m sure they won’t want to leave the US.  Freedom is addictive.

Amerikaoperatortour.com has all the info.

Thoughts?  Did you ever think you’d see a Haley x Polenar collab?  What’s next Costa x Mattv2099 classes?  Yeager x Royal Nonesuch classes?