Polenar Tactical

It was all fun and games until Polenar Tactical (a gun shooting channel) wanted to shoot their dumb knives:

From the video description:

Apparently it looks bad that we show some of the knives broke. Well what did they expect? Perfectly normal result if you shoot a kitchen knife with a handgun.

Unreal.  What did the knife company expect?  I get so many SpOnSorShiP, GuEsT poSt and AdVertIsinG emails too, and it’s painfully obvious most of the people sending the emails have never been to the site.  That’s fine, because they literally just want a backlink.. but they should at least know not to email me about placing ads for a baby food brand or something not even remotely related to my content; I don’t need the $50 they used to want to pay, that badly.  Now I typically just reply “$3000, and I have to approve the content / link”.. and I never hear back.  In the case of this Polenar Tactical video.. they gave that knife company way more than they ever could have asked for.  It made their knives look great if you ask me.  If Polenar Tactical didn’t get paid though, that really sucks.  Semi typically blade boi behavior tbh.


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hahah these guys are funny:

0:23 – I always get 2nd hand embarrassed when I see someone wearing a notch hat.  🤷‍♂️ Bruthers will be bruthers.

I wish more of the YouTubers would do blooper vids at least once a year.  It definitely humanizes the brand(s).


Taking it back to the Corridor Digital and GunVSgun days:

Good stuff haha.  If you check out the NERF search term on here, you’ll see pages and pages of similar vids.  It’s a sub-genre I personally enjoy from time to time.



Polenar Tactical breaks it down:

The fellas went from binge drinking alcohol to binge drinking energy drinks.  A lifestyle I could NEVER.

Regarding Ziga’s pants… anyone know what the purpose of those 45 degree zippers in the crotch area are?  Are those pockets, or little vents you can open up (like the pit zips on a jacket) in case things start to get a little humid down there?  I don’t know enough about tactical pants to know the answer.


The lads at Polenar tactical:

This is the longer vid it was taken from:

I don’t ever remember seeing that.  Must have been when I was on one of my blogging breaks.  Too good. I did blog about Shit you see on the range (part 1) here.

I make fun of the whole brass gatherer stereotype in my brass bandit and brass shark t-shirts.

Thoughts? I’m just so used to asking that now.  Speaking of thoughts though, I plan on changing the comment section over to something that will work better.  Disqus worked great for a long time, but there are certain issues and annoyances I have with it that popped up over the past year, that basically make it unusuable now.  Don’t worry, with the new comment system you’ll still be able to log in using OAUTH facebook, twitter etc..


This pretty much sums long rang shooting up for a lot of people:

ahhaha good stuff.