police state

Not you, you regular-joe peasant:

I don’t know what these guys problem with that plane is, but they appear to have a fair amount of speed and a significantly low drag coefficient.  Hell they’re even wearing Kryptek Typhon camouflage, which is known to increase operational success by 30 – 40%.

Maybe that was Cliven Bundy’s private ranch jet, and they are the BLM coming for their taxes?

glocknade0:54 – Did he throw a .40 Glock?  Is that was exploded?  hahahha easy joke I know.

Thoughts?  Do you still like your military style police polymer assault pistols as much as I do?


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Even Dorthy from Wizard Of Oz is a vicitim.

Better watch out… if he finds any white powdery bricks in there Dorthy, little toto is as good as dead. Even the yellow bricks might need some explaining.

The artist is the famous Banksy.