Looks like they have been watching American YouTube shooting videos:

ahhaha so much “workspace” and so many “no-look derp scans”.  Doing things just to do them too is high on the list of pizzaz and flare requirements. Hopefully the temple index makes it there soon. I hate for them to miss out on that any longer.

Keanu-WoahDoes Polish ammo suck or something?  I agree it’s a good thing to know how to deal with, but stoppages seem to be a primary concern in this video.

If you’re looking to fly overseas for some training, these guys call themselves WILK Tactical.


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HSLD Polish operators in cinematic operations:

Really nice looking video.  I felt like I was watching footage from a Bond movie.

Poland-Coat-Of-Arms2:30 – Is that Polish woodland camo?  I like it!  It even looks like it’s made from ripstop fabric.

7:00 – What’s that weird contraption behind the muzzle brake on his barrel for?

Thoughts?  Does Poland have a good reputation as on of our tactical allies?

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Crown Point jail – Indiana (March 3, 1934)

While awaiting trial for the alleged murder of an East Chicago policeman, the police boasted to area newspapers that the jail was escape-proof and posted extra guards to make sure Dillinger couldn’t escape.  Dillinger was able to secretly carve a wooden gun (pictured) from the top of a wooden washboard and coat it with black shoe polish. Using it, he was able to trick a guard into opening his cell. He then took two men hostage, rounded up all the guards in the jail, locked them in his cell, and fled. Dillinger stole Sheriff Lillian Holley’s new Ford car, embarrassing her and the town, and traveled to Chicago.

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