Why you would post a video of yourself shooting this bad on YouTube for the world to see, i’ll never understand:


At first I thought it must be some random guy being filmed at the range, then the video getting posted without his knowledge or consent… but then I noticed Not only is the title of the video “Tim’s HK Mark 23”, but the guy’s youtube username is also timnanbo, and he has one other video titled “Tim’s Steyr USR” with equally poor shooting (but on a rifle this time).

Whatever turns your crank I guess.  I prefer to shoot slower and/or move closer if I’m not getting any hits at the distances I attempt. If my goal was just to waste ammo, I think id find some more creative ways rather than embarrassing myself in front of 3 other guys by whizzing rounds past bowling pins.


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For several minutes they emptied their magazines into the darkness. It developed into a roaring crescendo of fire. What they were shooting at, no one could say. The Americans with night-vision equipment saw nothing. It took several minutes of shouting to get the firing to stop, and then it might have stopped because the Afghans needed to reload.

Full Article – HERE

Pretty nice rearward lean in the picture I attached.  :P

Those Afghan soldiers and Afghan police, sure get a lot of flack.  Rightfully so… From all the articles I’ve ever read and stories I’ve heard from people, they sound like a bunch of dangerous goofs.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near guys that are that irresponsible and clueless when it comes to their own weapons.


Data showed that while the Taliban can be canny and brave in combat their rifle fire is often remarkably ineffective.

The factors at play:

  1. Limited knowledge of marksmanship fundamentals
  2. A frequent reliance on automatic fire from assault rifles
  3. The poor condition of many of those rifles
  4. Old and mismatched ammunition that is also in poor condition
  5. Widespread eye problems and uncorrected vision
  6. The difficulties faced by a scattered force in organizing quality training

Full story at NY Times – HERE

NOTE: In the Taliban picture I used, I thought it was pretty hilarious how the guy 2nd from the end is armed with a crock pot.  :P