By designer Daniel Nyari:

If you want a print of this picture to frame, they are available HERE.

There is a legend at the bottom of the picture that is barely readable.  If you don’t know what one of them is, zoom in with your browser and try to read it.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Pranksters in Sofia, Bulgaria painted a Soviet era statue of Red Army soldiers to look like American icons:

Full story – HERE

LOL wow, they did an awesome job.

Thanks to Bryan for the heads up on the CNN vid.


79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books on a shirt:

Again, i’m not much of a TV nerd, so I don’t know what most of those are.  Judging by the Han Solo’s Blaster Represented Using 26 Other Guns post I did a while ago you guys will know them all!

You can buy the shirt for $25 – HERE