Post Malone


0:11 – Stitches mixing that dirty Jones.  *AK brrrrrrrrrr sounds effect plays in background*

0:15 – Ugh this dude is nightmare fuel

0:18 – Yesssss his AK makes it’s first appearance.

0:33 – Stellar muzzle control as always

0:51 – Looks like his buddy has a MAC-10

1:15 – Good trigger discipline for real!  I’m actually impressed *reads ENDO once*

1:30 – “Now that boy say he got a problem / I got an AK-47 Imma solve it *BRRrrrrrrrrrrrr*”

2:02 – Very casual with the MAC.  I find the best place when to keep a MAC-10 when you’re expressing yourself is on your shoulder, so I can relate.

2:48 – Revolver time.  Some empty chambers in the cylinder at least for safety.

All in all this video disappointed as far as derp goes.  The song as sort of catchy, but I won’t listen to it again.

I’m cleaning my ears with some Post Malone currently:

Stitches-RapperOhhh yea.

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