A visual history of iconic TV and movie guns:

Make sure to check out her Kickstarter campaign for more details.  Cathryn Lavery (The designer) does seem genuinely interested in guns, which is cool.


Very high attention to detail, and she was very receptive to my constructive criticism. I pointed out a few errors and she was quick to fix them. Good looking book and poster for sure, and it even looks badass on the t-shirt.

Flimography-Of-GunsThis is an example of a Kickstarter campaign structure that’s done properly.  People should take notes and follow this example.

I love how she uses the words “clip” and “mag” in naming her reward levels.


Oh and Cathryn said she would give a lucky reader a shirt and another a poster. Enter below:

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One of the blog readers (Michael G) photoshopped this:


hahah epic!  Thanks Michael.

If you some how don’t get the Joe Biden shotgun reference check the link.


The same story which I based one of my shirt designs on:

The design i’m referring to of course is the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt.   Pretty neat history to the original poster.  I’m always surprised to hear 2.5M posters were printed at the beginning of WWII, and yet none surfaced until the year 2000.  I suppose paper is pretty fragile for long term storage if the conditions are not ideal.   I’m just waiting for a huge stockpile to be found someday so I can pick up an original to hang on the wall.


You can purchase posters of these and more for $7 for an 11×14″ on the designer Aaron Wood’s Etsy page.

I’ve posted about parody war propaganda posters in the past which you can check out:


Lots more to check out – HERE

I just love the look of the art from that era.

Check out some similar Super Mario Bros. WWII Themed Propaganda Posters – HERE

Some Dinosaur themed WWII Propaganda Posters – HERE


Better not run out of ammo:

The best part is that there are no zombies at JC Penny. I guess that’s because there are probably no people shopping there.

The artist’s name is Matt Owen, he’s got plenty more awesome posters and designs on his site – HERE

You can buy posters of his designs for cheap – HERE