Dare I say that practicing dry fire without the trigger break and reset is fairly pointless?¬† At least the Dry Fire Mag product let the trigger break and reset (even if not 100% like the factory).¬† Yea sure you can practice other stuff with your gun while pulling the trigger, but lets not try to act like without the pre-travel click and reset you’re actually “dry firing”.

1:01 – “without having to sacrifice trigger manipulation.” uh yea that’s exactly what you’re doing… sacrificing the break / reset as I pointed out above.¬† If this is acceptable to you though, you might as well just save yourself the money, fold up a little piece of paper and place it at the side, between the barrel and the slide (google it for exact instructions) and pull the trigger all day in the exact same fashion.

There are a lot of “dry fire devices” for Glocks on the market.¬† I really haven’t seen one I’ve liked that can replace a full drop in trigger reset practice kit.

You Can pick up an E-Trainer for $25 on¬†their website, or on Amazon if you’re interested.¬† Naturally, I see on the website that it’s “patented”.

Thoughts? Is it just me, or do the red colored rubber areas make the thing look kinda janky?  Like they just heat shrunk some tube on there and sealed the end with pliers.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Interesting idea.  Lets people practice dry firing without having to rack the slide every time to reset the trigger:

This guy doesn’t like it much. ¬†He talks about¬†how it’s not identical to an actual trigger pull:

$99 on their website. ¬†Seems kind of $teep to me. ¬†I’m really surprised that someone (or Glock) hasn’t been able to develop some drop in solution that exactly mimics the stock trigger. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of dry-fire-then-slide-racking, but I’m also not a fan of not having the exact same trigger pull… more because I’d be annoyed more than anything else. ¬†I’m aware you can get “trigger reset kits”, but those aren’t exactly a easy fix because they require swapping of parts.



With a laser beam:

itarget-laser-shootingNot bad not bad, but I almost choked on my own spit when I saw the price levels on the Indigogogo campaign. ¬†Good thing further down in the lengthly description it states the apps alone are expected to sell for $10 each. ¬†I think most people will be interested in just buying the app, and they’ll get their own laser bullet and figure out a way to position the phone without that dumb looking proprietary¬†“sled” which I shit you not has a “patent pending” on it according to the indiegogo description.

iTarget has a website as well which you can check out if you’re interested.

I don’t know how useful this type of app is, without adding recoil into the mix. ¬†Additionally if you’re gun isn’t double action racking the slide after every shot (as shown in the video) is going to get annoying pretty quickly, and probably not the best way to “train”. ¬†If nothing else, it’s a cool novelty.

Thoughts? ¬†Would simulate¬†operating with? ¬†Would practice forward rolls, engage targets, then derp scan with? Would tilt gun 90 degrees, yell “BREAK YO’ SELF FOOL” and empty the high capacity laser beam assault clip into the target?


Yea this is a real video, I didn’t make the title up for clickbait:

Dr-Dre-The-ChronicThis all went down in the Ukraine apparently. ¬†I’d like to think these kids are doing this with¬†their¬†fun dad or uncle just for kicks, but sadly in that part of the world it’s probably being done out of necessity… because these kids will actually need to know how to throw a grenade someday, maybe even before they are adults.

Funny choice of fields right? Looks like the Ukrainian plug might be a few lbs short that season.


Fate Of Destinee takes a look:

Fate-Of-DestineeNormally I don’t post reviews, or in general things I can’t make fun of, but as you know I DO like ENDO Apparel appearances. ¬†In this particular video she’s making the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirt look its best.¬†

I will comment that the SIRT does look like a good option for dry fire practice, but starting at $329 it doesn’t come cheap. ¬†I just wish there were some interesting reactive targets¬†on the market for laser guns like this (I know there are SOME… but I almost fell asleep even thinking about shooting that). ¬†In my opinion the one major flaw in this system is that you want to know where your shots are going so you’re probably not focusing on the front site as much as you should be… ignoring the green laser flash¬†completely. ¬†How am I supposed to see where I hit when I’m dumping magazines mid-barrel-roll? ¬†Get your shit together SIRT. :P

Is it just me, or would that be annoying that the trigger prepping red indicator laser is so low? ¬†Maybe I’m misunderstanding the use of it though…



Training to compensate for muzzle DIVE? ¬†Wait… what?…

Source – NYpost & NationalPost

The rifles are apparently QBZ model 95 or 97 bullpups.

Not too sure what that little training exercise acomplishes, unless its simply set up to break their spirits when they realize they can’t hold those bricks up for very long.

I’m surprised guy #1 in the 2nd picture didn’t get the cane. ¬†He’s cheating by armpitting the rifle. Guy #2 is just an idiot.

Hat tip: Jared C.