Dave gives us the lowdown:

If you don’t talk about prepping, people will assume you’re not prepared. *taps head meme*

It really is crazy how much water you need daily when you’re cooking and keeping hydrated.  I didn’t really realize this before I started backpacking for several days at a time.

6:23 – haha I knew the gun part of the video was coming towards the end.


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KRS-One is into prepping… who would have known:

I’m no prepping messiah, but what he says seems to be pretty solid.  I like the mention of weapons as well.

KRS-OneSince you didn’t ask… my favorite KRS-One song –> Step Into A World.


Hat tip: Ethan


FXhummel1 is back with a song about prepping:

Straight murdered it on the keys as usual.  Good to see he’s invested in mics and is using his good camera!

As you can see he’s wearing the new black ENDO Apparel Run Guns t-shirt. He’s got the new logo hat on at the end of the video too!

Prepping is kind of a depressing topic, as the tone of the song reflects.  Definitely a good idea to be prepared though if you have the money and time to do it properly.