press check

Better check again. Cool Mom Beth Alcazar tells you (not me, because I don’t care 😂) why:

If there’s one thing I know about press checks, it’s that the people that love them also LOVE to continually do them.  They love the sound a press check makes, and they love the low key aspect of preforming one because it doesn’t really look like they did anything… but in their minds THEY DID EVERYTHING, and they can smugly bask in the fact that most people didn’t even know what was just accomplished.  The educated press checkers in their minds, treat it as an exercise in theoretical quantum mechanics… because how do really know what state the firearm is in?  The press check you just preformed yield the result of “yes the chamber is loaded”… but is the gun still loaded when you can no longer see a bullet in the chamber? 🤔 It’s like a modified Schrödinger’s cat experiment, where the “poison” is the piehitter’s shitty short term memory.  This seems like something I’d make a t-shirt about… I would be so gassed up on how clever it was, I would absolutely nail the design… then I’d release it and get a bunch of emails asking for the explanation and barely anyone would actually buy it 😂😭.  I’d like to think I’ve learned my lesson and will stop making esoteric references on t-shirts, but we all know that’s never going to happen.



Yoooooo, it’s lit:

1:07 – I’ve never seen something so awkward in my entire life.  My TIER 1 status is simply in mom’s basement keyboard ops so really what do I know though?  OMG I lost it when she did the little pinky caress.  10/10 would watch again.  Did watch again.. and again.  I’m surprised John Wick doesn’t do that move in the movie #PinkiesUpForWick amirite fellas?

Status checks.  So hot right now.

Thoughts?  You going to stick with doing the dumb old press check, or are you going to finesse the SIG maneuver with the T-REX hand curl and pinky caress?


haha right out of the gate “Press checks. I don’t teach them I think they’re retarded.”:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI was feeling nostalgic so I used the “Buck Yeager” pic on the left.  James grew the beard out now so his resemblance to Buck is no long that strong.  That said, I didn’t start googling Buck pictures to see if maybe he picked up a beard now too. *shrug* I’m not even sure what side of the gender spectrum Buck falls on right now, and I definitely don’t have enough journalistic (blogalistic?) drive nor the stomach to hit up google images and find that out too.

I wish James did more of these types of videos where he gets up in people’s faces with a strong opinion.  It’s what makes people the most mad, and got him a lot of his subscribers.

I don’t press check.  I sniff check, I’m THAT operator.  Thoughts?


If you have to ask what that is, you’re not operator enough:

One handed press checks are also really handy for those who dual wield.  You can’t look like a newb fumbling with your guns… setting one down looking at it… setting other one down.  That shit is embarassing.

Owen-Martin-SnakehoundThe operator you see in the video is Owen Martin from Snakehound Machine.  Owen is also known by his moniker “AK-Jesus” for good reason… the guy builds a mean AK.  Now that he has risen (yea Easter joke Hyuk huyk) I’m sure he has crazy backorders, but give him a call if you need an AK.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to one up this one handed press check somehow?  I’m always interested in reducing my drag coefficient (which is already incredibly low for someone that just talks about operating on a website, and doesn’t actually operate).