Print Shoot Repeat

Print Shoot Repeat:

My dude is out here breaking all the boxes they put us 2A bois in.  You love to see it.

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Holy, Print Shoot Repeat GOES IN 🔥 on this one:

The album is going to be so fire when he releases it someday.  I still miss Dugan’s (CarnikCon) vids, but PSR is definitely filling the role with the catchy tunes, and amazingly edited vids.  You really just can’t beat adding humor to any topic.

HK needs to sponsor the boy.  I’m talking a promo package including private jet perks, free firearms, schnitzel, Grey room access etc..



Sky News out of the UK dives into it haha:

I knew the video was off to a fantastic start, and it would be all about how scary they are after I heard the accent and saw a clip of the homie Print Shoot Repeat.

4:50 – hehe the “slider”.  Such a better name that the “slide”.

The whole video is basically a Print Shoot Repeat ad, and a testament to how awesome his channel is; even the screengrab they used for the video is PSR. Cool to see some of the other peeps such as AWCY and CTRL PEW mentioned.



The homie Print Shoot Repeat back at it 👏:

6:34 – ~$950 ($650 if you want to press the trunion yourself) for the 3D printed version VS ~$3680 for the H&K SP5

6:58 – Holy that kit looks high quality.

Test firing it:

038 – LOL the song is incredible.

If I had any idea what the timeline for affordable / mass proliferation of in home metal printing would be, I would “Big Short” (great movie btw) some of the publicly traded gun companies.  I suppose on top of that I would add that 3d printing definitely needs to turn into more of a “press the big green button and get your part” type of thing, before the gun companies will start start to see it as a real threat to their bottom line.


Print Shoot Repeat on it:

The top places for info / files:

And a whole bunch more links in the description of the video, to a bunch of other YouTubers etc..

hahah that old man character is too good. 😂


If this wasn’t the homie doing this review, you couldn’t pay me to watch anything about F1 Firearms:

I know I’m not the demographic, but I just can’t fathom why anyone would want literally anything F1 Firearms makes.  I will say the machining itself looks very high quality and I say that genuinely, but that’s the only compliment I can give the company.

4:40 – AHAHA naturally the skEleToniZed foregrip and pistol grip has matching para cord on it.