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Awesome… It works very well, and has loads of options.  Those Australians are a crafty bunch, sucks their gun laws are restrictive.

Once the snow melts and it warms up, my printer won’t know what hit it.


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It’s a print ad from google, and it’s real according to a company rep.

Awesome ad and everything Google… but quit fooling around and put out a Chrome OS tablet already for me to buy.


Download the files to make your own – HERE

I’d like to know what rapid prototyping service anyone that makes this uses.  From my experience getting parts printed, a rough estimate on this cost of this particular project I’d say would be no less than $300, probably closer to $400. I assume printing it yourself on a Makerbot (pictured in the background of the picture) is exponentially cheaper.

I can’t say that I am impressed with the design itself, and I really don’t think holding a gun shaped object up to your head to talk on the phone is the best way to keep a low profile and not attract unwanted attention.


glock-artNeed something to make your gun room a bit more classy? Check out the prints at RB Gun Graphics

There are a lot of different prints available, and the price is definitely good.  I just wish they didn’t have that massive RB logo on all of them, it kind of takes away from the flow of the layout.