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I like watching these debates for some reason:

I figured I would share it because it’s gun related content.  I feel like I keep learning the same lesson over and over again with these though… I get to the end and I’m like “Yea I’ve heard all this 1000x before, just with different people in a different setting.”


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I knew this was going to be a massacre, even before I hit the play button:

Wow this first girl is awkward… Steven is obviously used to speaking in public and speaking on camera but that’s just bad.  I knew he would absolutely destroy her (which he did), when she brought up the trusting government part and having an app on her phone to call the police… yet she doesn’t trust the police.

Second guy… pro gun but believes in “some control”.  haha this guy said that violent criminals should only be “restricted to a handgun” then he said something about the Las Vegas shooting being a reason why violent criminals should only be allowed handguns and not rifles.  This is also a massacre, but this guy is more confident than the last girl so it’s funnier.  Oh man this kid is now talking about biometric handguns and the NRA.  The whole discussion kind of dragged on and went off the rails towards the end with the “I’m brown, so people are going to think I’m a terrorist if I have a gun” type talk.



Concealed Nation reads some mean comments that were emailed and messaged to them:

Skip to 1:26 if you want to hear the mean messages.

Some of those are pretty good haha.  You know you’re doing a good job when people get that pissed off.

HAM-John-C-ReillyI have to wonder sometime though how many are actual pro-gun trolls, just trying to stir up something for kicks.  Many speculated that on the Anti Kyle Lamb / Troy Battlemag facebook post there were pro-gun people posing as anti’s just to make them look stupid.  It’s all in the game though right?



This is what good parenting can yield:

15-Year-Old-Girl-Pro-Gun-SpeechHer and her parents probably read ENDO… I picture them being that awesome.



Some good people in rural Illinois have a unique way of sticking up for the 2nd Amendment:

The “crooks carry guns” sign they are putting up at the beginning of the video looks funny when taken out of context of the rest of the signs in the series.

So let me get this straight… Lady at 1:45 lost a daughter in a shooting at a university, and she is “offended” at the “guns save lives” message of the signs.  WTF? and I quote “I don’t think anybody having a gun in that lecture hall would have reduced the number of casualties”.  I’d like to ask her “So even if there was a police officer in the lecture hall you don’t think he could have maybe saved your daughters life?”  My guess is the answer would have been an emphatic “Oh well now you’re talking police… not just a regular person.”

At 2:39 we here from the website president John Boch – “Honestly, I don’t know how many guns I have.  Seriously, I don’t even know how many guns I have that I’ve never shot.”   He probably makes the mistake of dropping that witty line on all the ladies… and that’s why John Boch is married to firearms.

Double-Barrel-1911-3Check out the GunsSafeLife website to read more about the cause.

Thoughts?  Got your own witty gun poem you want to share?