Jerry Miculek that is…

Word on the street is the ATF tried to tax his trigger finger; Jerry being the badass that he is flipped them the middle one.

1:30 – 1911 dual wield in an effort to garner more haters.

2:08 – Is this one some sort of subtle crip / blood metaphor?  I don’t know.. but he definitely delivers.

3:00 – Joe Biden approved?  Probably not with that finger on the trigger.

3:29 – “And that right there is how you operate in operations.” he should have said.

5:24 – Low bore axis schmoreaxis… Jerry doesn’t know how to appreciate shit.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOThe man lives his range life in fast forward, and has fun doing it.   Lucky he has ammo sponsors…

If Jerry wasn’t so old I bet the military would be making him 7 figure offers to be a “one man army” with the objective to clean up some scumbags in overseas operations.



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I doubt there is a kid out there that hasn’t owned, or been read to from one of the many Little Golden Books

Josh Cooley, a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios decided to put together a parody Little Golden Book “Movies R Fun”. It is currently being printed, and according to his blog will be available in November.  It will contain all of his innapropriate golden book drawings.  Damn that guy can draw!

Check out his blog – HERE

For those that are unfamiliar with the movie Leon: The Professional… it’s a classic, and a must see for any gun/movie enthusiast.  It is also known for being Natalie Portman’s first real movie, and basically started her entire career.

<– I was able to find a screen capture of the exact scene from the movie that is depicted in the above parody.

Makes me wonder if I would be able to come up with a similar drawing by tracing in adobe illustrator if I still had my tablet PC.