MrColionNoir has feelings guys, and they are hurt :P

I think he should start wearing ENDO apparel on video again, rather than questionable $100 polo shirts with pink psycho bunnies on them.  I’m actually kind of surprised the NRA hasn’t asked him to chill on the luxury items when promoting their stuff because it might alienate people.  Although at the same time, they probably know he would tell them to piss off because he’s doing all right as a lawyer and they need him more than he needs them so they are biting their tongue.  Additionally, Judging by the comments he gets I’m guessing near 100% of his audience has zero idea that the stuff he wears is any different from a $12 poloshirt for example because frankly most of the time it isn’t different… but that’s not the point.  Because of that, MrColionNoir if you still read this blog what I really hope you do is just straight stunt on everyone and do reckless shit like wear multiple watches in the few hundred thousand range, platinum chains, exotic leathers incorporated into your clothing, post pics of the exotic cars you cop, ladies you roll with… the whole deal so haters can keep doing what they do best and hate.  Maybe that’s what the purpose of this NOIR show I keep hearing about will be?  Hater acquisition.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadI wonder if he ever regrets the hat thing?  I used to like wearing hats all the time, but now I can’t stand them and wear them mainly so I don’t get sun AIDS or whatever you can get from a sunburn nowadays.