My algorithm is so cursed haha.¬† Pakistani pranks just hit different, you know? ūüėā The video really isn’t worth watching in it’s entirety, so if you skip around you’ll get the gist of it. This “pulling out a fake gun on actors” style video seems to be a “bit” for this guy.

If someone did this in a public place in the US, they would be taking their final breaths before helicopters and a SWAT team showed up.


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The proposal:

The comments on my instagram post about this are priceless.¬† Mattdubphotography has a good point.. the selector switch should have had positions labeled “YES / NO”



ENDO blog reader Andy Wolf proposed to his girlfriend Anna at the range.  Very sneaky, I like it:

Whoa clearing the kydex to end an incident, stopping an armed robbery all within a couple weeks.  South Florida sounds like a rough place!

You can skip to 3:05 to go directly to the proposal.  Awesome!  Congrats to you both!


Ashland, Oregon STAND UP.  This man is looking out for you:

EPIC. ¬†I do like how they let him talk the whole time. ¬†Maybe they didn’t get it was satire? ¬†I would have thought making a mockery of the city council would have been cause for them to be like “Ahhhhh ha ha ha you got us… I think you’re done now?”. ¬†It was also awesome the guy talking kept a straight face, and a super serious tone throughout.


Protect the people from themselves. BAN EVERYTHING!


Hat tip: Chase


Military veteran proposes to his girlfriend at the range:

hahah I like how the “NO” target was much smaller than the yes target. It’s lucky the safety rules are instilled in Karina, because for a split second after that poster rolled down I thought she was going to swing around, muzzle sweep everyone with that loaded 1911, and give her boyfriend a hug/kiss. ¬†Imagine if just to troll him she shot the “YES”, then proceeded to mag dump into the “NO” and then rip up the target stand? ¬†Yea actually now that I typed that and read it over that would just be really mean, plus 1911s don’t exactly hold enough to be that dramatic.

Shooting-Range-ProposalWearing a Glock hat, and got a center of mass hit on that steel “YES” target… yea she’s a keeper. Congrats to both of them.

Any of you guys ever done, or been involved in a firearm or explosives related proposal? ¬†Was the answer always “YES”?

Hat tip: Matt


His beautiful girlfriend of four years:

Like I always say, the couple that shoots together stays together. ¬†Actually that’s the first time I’ve ever said that, but I’m going to roll with it. ¬†Congratulations to them both, what an awesome way to propose. ¬† Initially I thought the ring box was maybe encased inside something indestructable inside of the bear, and he was going to say “oh look at the flourescent box that flew 200 yards down range… go see what it is!”. ¬†Probably best he didn’t do that though, because if it¬†unpredictably¬†flew back and hit one of them, the video wouldn’t have been as heartwarming.

Rainbow-Shooting-Shotgun-Kirsti-Brandon401401I hope the frequency of their videos doesn’t decrease to make room for wedding planning! heh

In other news… Me? ¬†Still #ForeverAlone. ¬†;/

Thoughts?  Did you propose in a shooting related way, or know anyone that did?

Hat tip: Kyle, Eric