No one has ever died or been injured from blanks though right? *eye roll*

Whether you hate on him for his shooting technique, trigger discipline, that dumb looking hat/scarf combo, or the “I’m gifted” t-shirt… I think we can agree he’s a douchebag.

Also, few things piss me off more than when I see someone pulling the trigger so fast and not even counting their rounds and then continue to pull the trigger long after the magazine is empty.

Isn’t it the “props master’s” job to make sure idiotic displays like this don’t take place?

Hat tip: DFHD


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A look behind the scenes:

Ah so that is the guy that supplies the actors with Glocks that have slide release to safety conversions. LOL

Season 2 premieres Sunday October 16th.  Should be pretty good!

There are some webisodes up.  I watched a couple of them and they were well done, but kind of useless.

Hat tip: Nick S.