Scaring migrating birds off a toxic lake in Montana:

Interesting video.  They are using so many different methods.. Initially I thought it seemed like an easy enough problem that could be taken care of by more drones with some AI.  They mention at around 5:28 though, that each bird responds differently to different scaring methods like drones etc.  Definitely an interesting problem to solve; terrible that it’s yet another man made issue.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I always wonder why in these NRA Life Of Duty episodes they insist on the “while-driving-a-vehicle” answers.  Is that some attempt to make it seem more casual?  It just seems awkward and disconnected to me.

I can’t say I disagree with their thoughts on this.  Pretty obnoxious how the school he offered his time too, wouldn’t even take Tom’s training for free. *smh*

School-DeskPeople hate reality.  The fact many parents would rather take the chance with their kids safety, and clean up the mess after the fact really says something.



A formidable enemy *eye roll*:

Wow.  It’s really not even fair they have to grasp at straws and convince themselves to believe the craziest things.

Derp1:55 – She doesn’t believe in having any type of ability to protect her own life.  “Only a law enforcement officer should be allowed to use weapons”.  Incredible.  At 3:45 she even states it again.

Hopefully there is lots more footage of idiots like this taken at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

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Not sure if serious, but as usual there’s a kickstarter:

If I ever have a girlfriend, someday a wife, and then possibly a daughter, I hope they will want to learn how to use a gun and hopefully exercise their common sense… not rely on some stupid looking / restrictive garment.  What do I know though, maybe there is a huge market for this type of thing?  Talk about living in fear though.  The fact rape / rapists exist makes me so angry.  You guys know my feeling about the death penalty for things like this… I say light all of their asses up.  Maybe there’s a market for men’s anti-rape underwear too?  Just trying to lighten the feel of this post.


Imagine if a girl got too drunk to remember the stupid combo and then had to go to the bathroom?  Yea that wouldn’t be pretty, you’d have to get the jaws of life in there ASAP.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign for more info and to help the cause if you’re interested.


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Some advice for saving your hearing during a spur of the moment operation:

This guy looks and sounds exactly like the leprechaun that hunts me in my nightmares every time I have too much caffeine.

1) Spent casings or live rounds – Meh… fine whatever, in a pinch I guess it would work

2) Chewing gum – Maybe if you don’t have old man ear hair, otherwise you’re going to make a mess.  For the record I do not yet have old man ear hair.

2:20 – WHOA I DON’T KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED, but it was epic.

3) Cigarette filters – This is where I say something preachy about smoking and how I don’t like breathing in everyone’s second-hand smoke all day when I’m out trying to live and enjoy some fresh air.

HearingPro402:33 – Hat is now backwards… shit just got real.

4) Strong shoulder / weak hand – Legit… I’ll remember that in the next drive-by I do, thanks leprechaun.



MrColionNoir on concealed carry life:


“Your gun is your last resort, and your mind is your alarm system.”

Good observations and advice as usual.