Approximately half a dozen members strong in MN:

There you go.  Man, when he says “What’s up?  Yea, with the Boojahideen.”  I absolutely lost it 😂.  Hearing someone enthusiastically say that word out loud is way better than reading it on a screen.

I can tell I’m truly missing an opportunity to be boots on the ground, doing my own interviews.  The content would be incredible.

It’s definitely a double edged sword that these “groups” which pop up have no central membership, vetting, or approval process (all for obvious reasons).  Like there is literally no barrier to entry… well maybe a morale patch if you are real serious about things.

Thoughts? *hits AR-15 grip vape* do people still vape?

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Seattle, WA.  May 1, 2015:

The scene is set by this kid (Shayne Butts) carrying a rifle while wearing a camouflage plate carrier with a gasmask hanging off of it, magazines on his BACK, in addition to other magazine pouches and god knows what those other rear pouches are for.. Oh and he has one of those “fuck me up fam” type haircuts we see in the barber memes.  Is he a hero?  Is he a villain?  In my eyes he’s neither, he’s just doing it to prove some a point he thinks needs to, and it’s within his rights to do so.  Would I do that?  haha not a chance.  Do I think it’s disruptive and sets the open carry movement back?  I’m with Shanye on this one… I don’t really care if people are uncomfortable.  If they don’t like the laws in the state or country as a whole, the world is a big place… take up residence elsewhere.

You can tell Shayne is extremely nervous.  He keeps his cool though despite being heckled and filmed buy dozens of people.  What was with that main big dude getting all up in his business with that tough guy attitude?  Oh another winner at 1:44 in video #2 surfaces too screaming “You’re putting every person of color’s life in danger by bringing that here.  You are threatening me.  You are threatening me.” *eye roll*  Holy that lady at the end of video #2 also is so obnoxious…

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldI think one angle that may have worked better would have been if Shayne would have just 100% kept his mouth shut and didn’t bother engaging any of those emotionally charged individuals at all.

There is a short interview you can watch with Shayne over at King5.

Kyle Lamb does NOT approve.


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A formidable enemy *eye roll*:

Wow.  It’s really not even fair they have to grasp at straws and convince themselves to believe the craziest things.

Derp1:55 – She doesn’t believe in having any type of ability to protect her own life.  “Only a law enforcement officer should be allowed to use weapons”.  Incredible.  At 3:45 she even states it again.

Hopefully there is lots more footage of idiots like this taken at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

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Throw bottles at cops, get dealt with:

Full Story – HERE

If members of the crowd were actually throwing bottles, they deserve this.  Sure, the women with kids and strollers were likely not, but when the people you hang out with do stuff like that, you just get lumped right in with them and suffer the consequences.  Life Lesson: If you’re going to protest, don’t be a dick.  Do your little chants, hold up your signs etc… When you start doing ignorant shit, disrespecting Law Enforcement by putting them in danger, that’s where I draw the line.

It’s suspect that the video reports people said the police offered to buy their cellphone videos off them.  I find that hard to believe, but then again nothing surprises me anymore.


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Taking a break for a staged artsy picture, in the midst of all the smashing and rock throwing.

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Looks like it’s getting worse and worse everyday there.