public range

Turning money into noise P-Stan style…  Safety Nazis, this will ruin your Monday:

Being a safety Nazi myself, my head almost exploded 50 times during the video.  The video never shows the area they are shooting towards, but my guess is it’s not a 600ft high pile of sand… probably more like a school or a city backstop after watching these geniuses.

I’m not even going to do a “highlight commentary” on this, because frankly the whole video is the highlight.

The lack of ear and eye protection make it looks like a tryout for FPS Pakistan.

Thoughts?  Anyone looking to head over there to fill a much needed Range Safety Officer position? :P


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These guys are relentless now with the firearms stupidity:

I often wonder how they went from filming slow paced videos of girls shooting at that range, to jackassery like the above and this.

According to commentor pikid89, it’s the Babcock Webb WMA range near Fort Myers Florida in case you’re looking for a place to avoid.