purge threat

Tom from Weapons Education tries to rally the troops:

Initially I thought the “purge” threat sounded like it was going to be something racist. We’re good though on the racism thing, he describes the purge threat as “A flash mob of violence” that threatens law enforcement agencies.  I think this guy is probably over embellishing how many “heads of agencies” and sheriffs and all that contacted him to make the video.  This is the first I’ve ever heard of this purge threat, he’s getting pretty worked up about it though.  Frankly I don’t think in general criminals are smart enough to organize this “purge”.  Sure they think they probably are, but if you’re trying to organize thousands of criminals, and even like 5% of them are incredibly intelligent I guarantee the other 95% are going to do an amazing job at fucking up their solid plan.

Is anyone else irritated by the fact this guy is a kazillionaire and yet does videos in that shitty green cloth room that looks like a table at a 1992 gun show?  I am.  I expect that room to be made out of marble, have fountains that run Hoppes #9, and gigantic gold hammer forged barrel pillars.

Oh and since we’re talking about Weapons Education Tom, here is his wife doing bikini modeling.  Also there is no guns in the video just to appease you “EWWW I don’t like mixing girls and guns” weirdos:

In all honesty though if you watch this video, or any of the other videos Tom has done with Tammy she seems like an extremely nice down to earth woman.