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I don’t get why people are shitting a brick over this… it’s a push button SAFETY.  Who cares?  Why would I even want one besides to be one of those operational contrarians everyone can’t stand?  The standard switch is badass, I’m going to continue rolling with that.

There is a completely useless video on youtube from Practically Tactical, where the screenshot is from.  If you spend all 6 minutes watching it, hoping to see what it looks like disassembled, how it works, who makes it, and to maybe even buy one you’ll be out of luck on all four points.  Again, I say this all the time but that’s pretty standard when coming out with a new product these days.  RULE #1: Make absolutely sure no one can buy your product while the hype is at maximum. *smh*  There is a bit of a discussion on Practically Tactical’s facebook post if you want to check it out and weigh in… mostly people freaking out / saying the standard things though.  Facebook user “Greg Bowling” though does post an interesting related link showing that CMMG made a proof of concept push button safety (by the look of it), in an effort to ease the development of an instereting plastic brick AR-15 lower which they call “Effort Bloomberg”.. cool!  Did CMMG make the safety shown in the video though?  *scooby doo mystery music* no one knows!


Gat tip: SayUncle


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