Man… “custom Glock Slides” are the new thing apparently.  So many companies making them.

The usual expected “marketing” talk in the video.  Not something I’d buy, but I’m sure PWS throwing their hat in the ring of Glock custom options is probably a decent move considering they already have the manufacturing equipment.  Price is $449 with stock sights.  Meh.. I fail to see how these mods will really help anyone to do anything useful other than make you appear like more of a high speed low drag operator because your Glock slide corners aren’t radius’d, they are 45 degree’d and you have serrations at the front for “press check” as they say at 0:54.  Press checks are such an operational move; especially when you don’t have to be a basic bitch and only grip the slide by the rear serrations. Note that loaded chamber indicators are also for nerds… avoid giving those the time of day at any cost.  The original Glock slide wasn’t broken… don’t fix it.  Rant over.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryOn another note, I was shocked at the YouTube comments.  People were actually asking PWS to bring back “Half Cocked” (that cartoon trainwreck).  I didn’t do any secondary research on the commenters but something tells me they must be PWS employees or involved in the cartoon in some other fashion haha.

Thoughts?  Do you smell a Kickstarter in the works to bring Half Cocked back?

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One of those machining / manufacturing videos I like so much:

They talk a lot of shit at the beginning about all the “amount of maintenance required to make the m4 design continually run properly.  We’re constantly fighting to get through full magazine dumps to show how effective the compensators were.”.   Really?  You couldn’t even get through a few magazines back to back in a regular AR without a failure?  I have sub $1000 gas impingement AR-15s and they all work fine.

Looks like they have some expensive equipment and know how to use it anyway!   I’m still surprised the market can support so many manufacturers who all make a very similar product.   It seems to me that the only thing separating a lot of these companies is aesthetics, their own spin on changing aspects of the design, but especially marketing.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerIf you like, you can check out the MK1 series of rifles on PWS’ site which all go for just under $2000.

Thank god PWS quit making episodes of Half Cocked.  That show went downhill quick.



PWS makes a feel good video for a new line of rifles:

0:37 – RKBA is Right to Keep And Bear Aresol (and spray it in kids faces) #MERICA

I’m really not a fan of the term “Modern Musket“.  It appears to be one of those brands made solely to educate people on why the 2nd Amendment actually does include rifles like AR-15s and not just muskets that the founding fathers had… I get it but I don’t talk to anti-gun brick walls, so I can’t relate.  Additionally, I think a lot more care should have been put into their designs so they don’t look so Microsoft Paint-ish. The website in general needs massive work too… but hey whatever pays the bills.  I’m sure plenty of people must be buying that stuff.

Modern-MusketThe makers of the videos PWS on the other hand, and their cartoon Half Cocked is (was? Is it still even around?) so terrible it hurt my soul, I actually get excited for them when they come out with something that isn’t as bad that.  Most of their videos are actually pretty good, and if nothing else have a high production value (like this one).



This is the official last post I do about this unless it starts being related to guns at some point:

I thought PWS was a firearms company, not a productions company that produced shitty cartoon soap operas.

PWS-Half-Cocked-Cartoon-LogoIf you like throwing 6.5 minutes of your life away watch the video.  Otherwise take my word for it and spend that 3 minutes writing PWS an email asking them “WHY?”.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this cartoon is a complete waste of time.  I have seen glowing comments on other blogs about it though. *shrug*



PWS with a follow up to the first Aftermath video they posted:

Ryan gosling is back operating in modern day Detroit, and is apparently comfortable in CQB with a magnified optic. *face palm*

0:05 – Cool hallway / lighting effect

0:29 – No flashlight already on your railed forend?  Pfffffft amateur.  PWS do you even operate?

1:56 – I was beginning to wonder what this had to do with rifles (what PWS sells)… here’s some action footage I guess that’s supposed to make us want to buy one of their ARs.

Ryan-GoslingCool video I guess *shrug*.  The production value was high, but again the story was weak.  The same complaint I have about their Half Cocked cartoon series too… looks nice, but ultimately useless.  I’d say I’m looking forward to Aftermath 3, but my interest in this is reaching record lows.



If you’re looking for a cartoon about guns, move along… move along…

I thought PWS was a firearms company and this was supposed to be a firearm related cartoon?  I’ve criticized every episode so far for basically the same reason, they have all sucked.  The story line that is… the animation is definitely nice, but who really cares when the story is the worst?  I was really optimistic at first.


Can they turn this slow train wreck around?  Am I alone with this feeling?