Kidnapping some pumpkins, and taking them out to the desert to execute them:

Pretty standard stuff for pumpkins that are behind on payments… I hope PWS keeps up the vids.  They had that Tactical Forearm Lengthener one so recently, I wasn’t expecting another so soon.

Pumpkinapping-PWSI like the editing and post production done on the video.. looks pro.



Operators, lend PWS your ear:

That thing barks flames like a rabid dragon/pitbull cross.

Really though, a 15″ hand guard on a 7″ SBR just make sense when it comes to accessories… kind of like how the ultimate tactical move would be to run a 32″ railed hand guard on a 16″ barrel rifle.  Too bad no company is man enough to make a 32″ railed hand guard… pussies.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerA big shout-out to PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) who actually have a sense of humor about themselves.  I like that.


Hat tip: Van