Every legend has a beginning. Every beginning has an origin. This is the tale of Johnny Dronehunter:

LOL that extra long silencer on the bipod is the truth!  The amount of quadcopters (yay I said quadcopters no drone) Silencerco must go through filming these vids must have been a lot… hopefully they got a bulk deal.

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoIf you’ve already seen the vid I’m sorry.  I was up to lots of Easter shenanigans and took the weekend off despite the blog name implying no days will be taken off.  Sometimes you gotta break your own rules though just to feel alive.

I should probably update the tramp stamp photo to reflect their new logo.  The new one really isn’t tramp-stampy at all, unless the girl is like a cyberpunk type, then she could rock it like that.