Quad rail

Honestly despite this promo video being the worst, this probably isn’t a terrible idea:

LED-AR15-Quad-RailI like the low profile (no profile) aspect of it, as opposed to having a flash light mounted on the rail as most people do now.  My guess is this whole setup weighs next to nothing, so there’s another positive.  The main thing that sucks with integrated solutions though is that if something goes wrong with it, or you don’t like it anymore tough luck you’re stuck with it.   LED flashlights that I own run pretty hot too, so that would be another negative if they are heating up that end up the rail where you’re trying to Costa-sharkjump-grip.

I bet current rail manufacturers would be able to do some pretty cool stuff integrating the LEDs into the rails, if the decide the pros outweigh the cons.  If the guy who made the video can actually get a patent, he might be able to make a ton off licensing.

There is no website for this product, only this facebook page.  There are some more pictures and some minor discussion there if you want to take a look.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Had to double down on the posts about the same eBay guy that is selling the Cool Mag.  This is too good:



Made from .030 stainless chrome alloy that is practically rust proof, and YES it cools your barrel.
This serrated pattern is designed for maximum heat dissipation used in Hi-tech heat exchangers.
AR-fins are a two part system a primary rap around the barrel and a secondary sheet for added cooling.
It fits in all 6.7 inch Quad Rail Carbine Length 2 Piece Drop-In Systems.
AR-fins weigh only a few ounces and installs in minutes and LOOKS GREAT.
We utilize a precision crush fit using your Quad rail for maximum contact with the barrel and thus alleviating any possibility of rattle or noise from the fins.

If you don’t like this idea… bros do you even science?  

Sometimes the speed holes in your current quad rail just don’t cut it when it comes to heat dissipation.  If you’re not disappating the maximum amount of heat GTFO, and get you some fins.

The bid is currently at $40… get in! haha


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I’m still trying to decide what tier of operator this is catering to:

0:05 – “Hi I’m blonde, have a low cut shirt, great teeth, a pony tail, and aviators.. I’ll be distracting you for the next 4.5 minutes”

0:17 – LOL I’m already starting to see why you’d need a rotating rail if you mount a damn handgun on your rail.  *smh* remember the post I did about that a while back?  Shit is out of control…

0:51 – Not sure why all this couldn’t be taken care of with a canted mount… but whatevs.

2:08 – hahah taser pulled from the rail mounted derp holster to knock that guy off the folding chair, then engage a target down range.  That would make a great animated gif.

3:45 – I wish I had a white Tahoe I didn’t give a shit about which I could pepper with brass damage.  “Nah baby, that’s not from rocks on the highway… I operate so hard, that’s all from ejecting brass.”

No tactical gyroscopic beer holder? Weaksauce.

For the operations I operate in, I can’t say I’ve ever wished my rail rotated 360 degrees.  Actually that’s a lie… I’ve always wanted a motorized 360 degree rotating rail with blades on it for CQB.  Even guns mounted facing outwards which sprayed bullets as the rail was rotating would be acceptable.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackHead over to Ballista Tactical to pick one up for $200 if you’re interested.  Why that page looks like it’s trying to sell you a book on how to get rich and retire off penny stocks I have no idea.


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